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Review Taxi to Pattaya from Airport Bangkok

We were picked up at the Airport by a very friendly driver, he was a safe driver and delivered us right to our condo. Thank you mr taxi.

Continue reading "Review Taxi to Pattaya from Airport Bangkok"

Movie Cinemas in Pattaya

Are the movies showing at the cinemas in English or Thai? Or,are there subtitles?

Continue reading "Movie Cinemas in Pattaya"

Regent Marina Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Regent Marina Hotel Pattaya - Decide if you want to stay in this Pattaya hotel during your stay in Thailand.

Continue reading "Regent Marina Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

RS Sea Side Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

RS Sea Side Hotel Pattaya - Discover if it's worth staying in during your time in Thailand

Continue reading "RS Sea Side Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Thailand Weather Update and Forecast

Discover the Thailand weather before you pack for your trip.

Continue reading "Thailand Weather Update and Forecast"

Great Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe

Great Thai peanut sauce recipe for you to make a delicious Thai dish in Pattaya!

Continue reading "Great Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe"

Thai Drivers License - Driving License

Get a Thai drivers license with these quick steps.

Continue reading "Thai Drivers License - Driving License"

Thailand Currency - Thailand Money

Thailand currency - discover how it works and how to use it to make your time in Pattaya more enjoyable.

Continue reading "Thailand Currency - Thailand Money"

Thailand Holidays 2011-2012-2013 Calendar

Discover which Thailand holidays you'd like to make and can come to Thailand for.

Continue reading "Thailand Holidays 2011-2012-2013 Calendar"

Time in Pattaya And Why It's Important To Know

Time in Pattaya - what time is it compared to your country? Discover why it's important!

Continue reading "Time in Pattaya And Why It's Important To Know"

Champ Hotel Pattaya - Pattaya Hotel

Discover if Champ Hotel Pattaya is worth staying at during your time in Pattaya

Continue reading "Champ Hotel Pattaya - Pattaya Hotel"

Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Is the Romeo palace hotel Pattaya worth staying at? Decide for yourself if this Pattaya hotel is worth spending the night in.

Continue reading "Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Royal Cliff Pattaya - Royal Cliff Beach Resort

Is the Royal Cliff Pattaya worth staying at? Discover for yourself if it's a Pattaya hotel you'd like to be in.

Continue reading "Royal Cliff Pattaya - Royal Cliff Beach Resort"

Sabai Empress Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Sabai Empress Hotel Pattaya - Discover if it's worth staying at during your stay in Pattaya.

Continue reading "Sabai Empress Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Scuba Thailand - Pattaya Scuba Diving

Scuba Thailand - enjoy adventure diving in Pattaya once you discover where to go

Continue reading "Scuba Thailand - Pattaya Scuba Diving"

Thai Traditional Music - Isaan Music - Dances

Discover Thai traditional music and if it's something you'll enjoy

Continue reading "Thai Traditional Music - Isaan Music - Dances"

Thailand Flag - Thai National Anthem

Discover what the Thailand flag means to the Thai people and what you should know about it.

Continue reading "Thailand Flag - Thai National Anthem"

Thailand Language - Thai Phrases

Thailand Language - Discover how to speak vital Thai phrases quickly for your trip to Thailand!

Continue reading "Thailand Language - Thai Phrases"

Thailand Stories - Thai Stories

Have Thailand stories to share? Please do here and benefit!

Continue reading "Thailand Stories - Thai Stories"

Tourist Information Thailand - TAT in Thailand

Gather all the tourist information Thailand has to offer here.

Continue reading "Tourist Information Thailand - TAT in Thailand"

Visa Runs Pattaya - Visa Runs To Laos

Avoid this visa runs Pattaya all-too-common mistake...

Continue reading "Visa Runs Pattaya - Visa Runs To Laos"

Women of Pattaya - Pattaya Women

Are all women of Pattaya after your money?

Continue reading "Women of Pattaya - Pattaya Women"

Golden Cliff House Hotel Pattaya - A Good Thailand Hotel?

Golden Cliff House Hotel Pattaya - is it a Good Place To Stay? Find out for yourself before booking!

Continue reading "Golden Cliff House Hotel Pattaya - A Good Thailand Hotel?"

Mangoes Guesthouse Pattaya - Pattaya Hotels

Is Mangoes Guesthouse Pattaya worth staying at?

Continue reading "Mangoes Guesthouse Pattaya - Pattaya Hotels"

Eastiny Residence Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Eastiny Residence Pattaya - Discover the pros and cons of staying here

Continue reading "Eastiny Residence Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Natural Park Resort Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Natural Park Resort Pattaya - Is it worth staying at in Jomtien?

Continue reading "Natural Park Resort Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels

Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya - Is it worth staying at?

Continue reading "Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya - Thailand Hotels"

Take Thai International Airlines To Pattaya?

Should you take Thai International Airlines to Pattaya?

Continue reading "Take Thai International Airlines To Pattaya?"

Disease in Pattaya

i have heard that Soi 6, is the most disgusting area of Pattaya. Is this true? I have also heard that Pat Bar in Soi 6, is notorious for dirty rooms and

Continue reading "Disease in Pattaya"

Howards Pattaya

I always booked a room at Howards Guesthouse, Soi VC in Pattaya. The owner sold this guesthouse a few months ago. Do you know who is the new owner and

Continue reading "Howards Pattaya"

bangkok pattaya hospital

its totally overpriced. they dont tell you about the fees and later on charge you a lot. its double the price of a good private hospital in thailand. its

Continue reading "bangkok pattaya hospital"

About Pattaya Thailand

Hi I been in Pattaya many time its entertainment place in Thailand and it’s situated 147 kilometers, and after arrived at Bangkok Airport you can get a

Continue reading "About Pattaya Thailand "

Transfer my pension to Thailand

Hello all, i am a (early) retired German who want to come to Thailand in the next month to live here. I visit Pattaya two times and really like it. This

Continue reading "Transfer my pension to Thailand"


Any travel agent can set you up with a visa run. I'm a big guy, so I pay extra for the 6 seaters. They are all about 2,500 baht. I would like to spend

Continue reading "Brian"

Asking a question about finding an English teaching job in Pattaya For Iranian individuals.

I wanted to know whether it is possibl for a person like me who has a master,s degree in the field of ESL AND EFL to teach in one of the thailand schools

Continue reading "Asking a question about finding an English teaching job in Pattaya For Iranian individuals."

Transfer pension to Pattaya & Thailand

Hello all, i am a (early) retired German who wants to come to Thailand in the next month to live there. I visited Pattaya two times and really like it.

Continue reading "Transfer pension to Pattaya & Thailand"

Taxi from BKK airport

I made a reservation bkk airport - pattaya (1000b) The taxi driver during trip said : if i drive slow (60km/h) we arrive in pattaya in 2.15 hour... if

Continue reading "Taxi from BKK airport"

Mr T taxi

I have used Mr T many times and had nothing but reliability and excellent drivers, also he gets good reviews on the pattaya addicts forum. MrT has a good

Continue reading "Mr T taxi"

Pattaya Travel, Taxi and AirCon Bus Service from Bangkok

Pattaya travel plans from Bangkok airport. AirCon taxi and Air Conditioned bus services are available from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. Bell Travel Service Pattaya.

Continue reading "Pattaya Travel, Taxi and AirCon Bus Service from Bangkok"


我將會7月5日早機到曼谷機場我目的地 pattaya Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Hotel 8 people 請問我需要幾時Book車 and 7月9日返回曼谷機場 請問來+返 how much th

Continue reading "Book車一問"

pattaya trip to phi phi island

Hi i was wondering if it is possible and how id go about planning an excursion from pattaya to phi phi island

Continue reading "pattaya trip to phi phi island "

Condo for Rent Pattaya

Looking for a Condo for rent Pattaya? Take a look at budget and Excecutive condos. Rent or buy

Continue reading "Condo for Rent Pattaya"

Thailand Practical Travel Information

Here is my overview page of the Thailand practical travel information stuff: visa and passport information, getting there, getting around, money, maps, culture, weather, health, and more.

Continue reading "Thailand Practical Travel Information"

Taxi from BKK-airport to Pattaya

so my experience for more than 4 years is .... very good offers AND extrem good drivers (male, female) in always new cars we made with

Continue reading "Taxi from BKK-airport to Pattaya"

Can some men conment on my questions ?

My hubby has been to Bangkok, Sri racha, Pithong factory, rayong industrial estate and even Pattaya for a decade about 7 times a year. He told me he went

Continue reading "Can some men conment on my questions ?"

Hate Fast Visa Run Drivers..


Continue reading "Hate Fast Visa Run Drivers.."

Car Hire Pattaya - Car Rental Pattaya

There are car rental places all over Pattaya. Car hire Pattaya. The most important thing in when renting a car in Thailand is to make sure you have liability insurance. Most private car rentals do not provide insurance.

Continue reading "Car Hire Pattaya - Car Rental Pattaya"

Cheap Flights To Thailand - Cheapest

Free tips on how to find cheap flights to Thailand. If you apply these tips, you could save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on your tickets and/or travel package.

Continue reading "Cheap Flights To Thailand - Cheapest"

Pattaya Information - Basic Facts - 1960's

City of Pattaya Information, basic facts and a little bit of History. From the 1960's to Today. A pictorial journey through time.

Continue reading "Pattaya Information - Basic Facts - 1960's"

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