Is Golden Cliff House Hotel
Pattaya Worth Staying At?

Thinking about staying at the Golden Cliff House Hotel Pattaya?

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This hotel is great for some reasons but not so much for others.

Are you in Pattaya to enjoy the nightlife? 

Did you come for some 'peace and quiet'? 

What is your budget when it comes to staying at a Pattaya hotel?

Get a quick idea if this place is for you...

Golden Cliff House Hotel Pattaya Pros and Cons...

This hotel is great if you want some peace and quiet.  It's located with a great view of the gulf of Thailand.  You can wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy a sea breeze with your morning coffee or tea. 

It also has a nice pool and lounge area with a view of the gulf.   Nearby you can also grab a baht bus and head down to Walking street or to a more peaceful Jomtien.  If you'd like there is also a nice little bar close to it where you can have nice Lao beer.

"That's all nice, right?"  Well here are things that you might not like.

This hotel is a bit pricy.  A standard room is 1300 baht which is more on the pricier side of Thailand hotels.  Sure if you go to the Hilton or Holiday Inn you can expect to pay triple.  But for a Thai hotel you can find cheaper as well.  It's up to your budget though.

You might have to take a baht bus or go for a long walk for anything convenient.  Sure the hotel offers amneties but if you want just stop by a convenience store then this hotel might not be for you.

If you want to go there the address is -  352/55 Kao Pratumnak Road, Pattaya, Thailand

Will You Stay Longer in Pattaya?

Thinking of staying a month or more in Pattaya?  Check out some expat Condos that could work for you.  You can choose condos that are

 • practical

 • luxurious

 • romantic

 • budget-oriented

In any case - have a great time in Pattaya and Jomtien! ;-)

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