Is Mangoes Guesthouse
Pattaya Worth Staying At?

Wondering is Mangoes Guesthouse Pattaya is worth staying in?

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Make sure you know what you're looking for to decide if this place is for you. 

I know that in my case it has some pros that I'd like to take advantage of.  

Maybe the same goes for you?

This is one of those Pattaya Hotels that are really good if you want to do this...

Why Stay At This Pattaya Hotel...

This place is perfect if you're looking for something cheap.  The rooms are around 600 baht which is a cheap as it gets in Pattaya (unless you want to stay in a hole in the wall.)

Ideally though its suitable if you're on your way to Koh Sumet.  It's also conveniently located if you're heading to Koh Chang or anywhere in the Rayong province. 

Flying out of U-Tapao Airport? 

I recommend this place if you will be flying out of U-Tapao airport to head out to one of the islands.

"What if you're not heading out to one of the islands?"

In that case it might not be the best place to stay.  Are you looking to enjoy the Pattaya nightlife?  Then I'd recommend going somewhere closer to Walking street or 2nd road. 

Do you want to relax by the beach?  Then I'd recommend looking for a hotel on Pattaya beach road.  For something on the cheaper side you might want to consider staying near Jomtien beach.  There are places there that can fit your budget more nicely.

In any case, this guesthouse is located at - 71/1 Moo 5 Najomtien Sattahip, Pattaya, Thailand

Will You Be Staying Longer?

Plan on staying a month or longer?  In that case I'd recommend getting a condo instead.  Check out some places that might be right what you're looking for at Expat Condos.

You'll have a variety of condos to choose from that are near the beach or closer to the Pattaya action.  You'll even find some that are closer to U-Tapao airport.

Enjoy! ;-)

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