My experience in renovating my condo

by snoopy

Living at Pattaya for almost three years, not a single person can be relied on doing renovation, fixing any electric, or plumbing problem of my condo. What I have encountered is after asking someone to fix any problem of my condo, I have to ask another person to refix it again or refix it by myself again. Not talking about the Thai people, I asked a foreigner to do renovation on my condo, of course, I paid much more when comparing asking a Thai to do the same work, the result was also not satisfactory. The ceiling light fell down after one month as he just fixed only one drew instead of three. My window has water leakage during the rainy season. The wall paint inside the balcony chipped off after seven months. Hence, I turned to search help from Thai people, but it was not much better except they charged not so high as the foreigner. I asked them to change my Aircon water leaking pipe. After 2 days, water pouring from my Aircon. I asked them to fix the water stoppage of my bathroom, after fews day I had received a complaint that my bathroom had serious water leakage to the beneath floor which caused the fasle ceiling of the bathroom of beneath floor collapsed. But what I hate most is their irresponsibility. They never finished the work on time. They can disappear for few days because they got drunk. Finally, I met a Thai-Chinese guy, he is very responsible and reliable, not to say his skill in fixing all the electricity, water plumbing problems, he charged me in a reasonable price too. If you need help from him, here we go his number 087-023-2096. By the way, his name is Mr. Kong.

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