by jimmy the boss lamai homestay
(khorat ISARN)



BREAKFAST we will meet again! self explanatory! hotel frontage.

lucky as i wasn't looking for a visa,Cambodian kings birthday.all offices closed 2 days june 20/21 (remember that one!)however i was looking for a good quality budget accomodation for to send our own clients .we have run the authentic ( and tour company for 15 yrs in Thailand remotest region Isarn.
SO if you want to visit Cambodia do your own cheap visa run, or just hols. first look up Air Asia.i got a flight for near to nothing 1.300 baht each way.look up accommodation on
i found (Paddy Rice) hotel.sO I thought just the place as i live here surrounded by rice fields.what a great place. nice clean cheap hotel.this time real river side views from your room ,or your breakfast table. Great English or Cambodian food.for beer drinkers no cheaper beer in town,the staff are also great.but like every where you get back what you put out.YOU FIRSTLY be friendly and be polite,that's exactly what they will give you in return.i loved it as it is the thing we sell= realistic and authentic.real life is here on your pavement.sickening minority of super rich passing in their LEXUS ,B.M W.& MERCS contrasted by the poor pavement sleeping families.regardless of how mean or tight fisted you are?these poor people deserve a nod a wink or a smile and will cost you sod all.a dollar however will ensure that family 4 meals that day!took took everywhere desperate for your custom.again its their job to ask and its their only form of income used them often 20 dollars will get you a whole days' hire.1 dollar will get you to any location in town.SADLY TO ME A VET OF 20 YRS.i found Cambodia more relaxed more secure and a hell of a lot more stress free than the Pattaya of today!perhaps a good presence of Army and Police there deters the little motor cycle thieving little scum that roam our own city streets.nice too i didn't hear bloody Russian in stereo,however a few had crept in the city centre,however you get back what you give out,so presumably the locals will reward them ABOUT Cambodian girls 18 yrs plus..i am a very keen bird watcher, as most of Pattaya knows!these Cambodian girls are not only lovely,and very shy ,they are mostly all very honest too.that comes in handy if you like me are brain dead to converting to a new currency!!and it was a pleasure to share their company.sadly again not always the case in Pattaya.will i return ?yes in the next few weeks.I must have left my hair brush in the hotel it has great sentimental value so they are safe keeping it till i collect it back.;)will i recommend
Paddy Rice to our clients who are(families and couples ) A BIG YES
as for lone male family men like my self? YES.super safe location!
large louts & trouble makers definitely not for YOU.

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