Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya -
Should You Stay there?

Thinking about staying at the Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya?

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Even though this Thailand hotel has a name that describes your skills with the ladies:

is it still worth your money and time?

Out of all the hotels you can pick - this Pattaya hotel might be a pleasant surprise or...disappointing.

In any case, get ready to find out when it's a good idea to stay here and when you might prefer somewhere else.

Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya Is Good If...'re on a budget.  I won't lie - this hotel is perfect if you're on a budget trip to Pattaya.  Sure that may sound like a oxymoron but I've been there. 

At 400 baht the night it's as cheap you can go for a decent room.  Most people say that this Thailand hotel is old and in dire need of repair.  In fact I'm sure there's a charity box for renovating the place - if you're in the mood I'm sure they'd love your contribution.'re okay with Pattaya beach.  And just the beach.  Although it's in Pattaya enough to classify as a "Pattaya Hotel" it's not really.  You can expect a 20 minute baht bus ride from downtown Pattaya and Walking Street (which is a lot when you think about it.) 

So is it all bad?  Not at all!  The place itself looks nice.  The pool is quite pretty and most people who stay claim that it's good value for money.  I mean if you're on a budget and are okay with 20 minute baht bus rides to downtown - why not stay there?

In any case - the address is here: 500/21-22 Pattaya Naklua Road, Pattaya, Thailand

Want To Stay in Pattaya Longer?

Want to stay longer in Pattaya and are looking for a place to stay?  I recommend getting an expat condo to make your stay more affordable. Granted I recommend it only if you plan on staying for one month or longer.

Have fun in Pattaya!

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