"The Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya...
Is It Worth Staying At?"

Thinking about staying at the Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya?

Sure - the name sounds impressive but is it?

thailand condos

Maybe you had a friend recommend it or maybe you found it online. 

In any case - it's good to know the price and if it's worth staying at.

So far my friends have only given me mixed reviews. 

Personally I think it's great if you want a place that's in a great location on 2nd road. 

On the other hand it's not the cheapest place you'll find.

Royal Twins Palace Hotel Pattaya Quick Pros and Cons

The hotel is great if you want a good location.  You can easily grab a baht bus and ride your way to the beach (or Walking street.)  It's also close to another popular street in Pattaya - Soi Bua Khaow.  There are plenty of beer bars and places to go there.

In fact last time I went down that street a lot of development was happening.  So you might be near the 'upcoming' action in Pattaya.

What's a pity is that the room rates start at 1200 baht a night.  All else considered this isn't cheap.  You can find hotels near that hotel for around 700 baht a night.  Granted it's up to what you're looking for in a room and if the price matters that much (in exchange for location.) 

You can find it at this address: 223 Moo 10 Pattaya 2nd Road, Pattaya, Thailand

Staying in Pattaya Longer?

If you plan on staying in Pattaya for a longer period of time than a few days I recommend checking out Expat Condos.  You'll get a large amount of condos and apartments to choose from. 

Enjoy your stay in Thailand! ;-)

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