Bahn Thai Restaurant
Delicious Thai Food

What do you imagine when you think about food from Thailand?  Bahn Thai restaurant has it!

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You might be in

 • Bangkok, Thailand

 • Seattle, Washington 

 • Sydney, Australia flying to London, U.K

One thing you can count on:  you will find a Thai Restaurant on any continent and in most countries.

Thai food is popular all over the globe and it is no wonder.

Restaurant Entrance

bahn thai restaurant in Pattaya

 Another View of The Restaurant

bahn thai restaurant in Pattaya

Thailand's cuisine is famous for being hot and spicy and outside of Thailand you will be given a choice usually from 1-5 when you order. 1 being the least spicy and 5 means you are a local!

Thailand's Food Has 5 Fundamental Flavors

You can choose to enjoy a mouthful of

  • Hot (spicy)
  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Bitter

Want to make your own food? Check out which Thai Cooking recipes you can start with.  One of the most delicious (but challenging) dishes you can make is Pad Thai.

 Chicken Curry

bahn thai restaurant in Pattaya food

Cashew Chicken

bahn thai restaurant in Pattaya food

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