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Smoothly With Mr Taxi

New to Thailand and are looking for a Bangkok to Pattaya taxi service?

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Many people use Mr.T Taxi Pattaya (link to his web site below) and other love to take a taxi with Mr.Toom from Pattaya.

They are both preferred reputable companies for frequent visitors to Pattaya.

Many expats use their services as well.

You can even go from Pattaya to Bangkok for your return to the airport with them too.

They are both professional and reliable companies.

So how does it work?

Action Steps To Get To Pattaya Conveniently

bangkok to pattaya luxury taxi
bangkok to pattaya standard taxi

If you end up at the airport without advanced taxi booking you will have to

 • figure it out by yourself

 • deal with the airport touts and street touts

 • end up getting driven to nowhere

In the tropical climate you may want the transition to be taken care for you.   A taxi driver can wait for you with a sign with your name on it at the proper level at Bangkok airport (worth knowing which one.)

When you get out look at the signs and find your name. The driver leads you to the taxi, loads your luggage and off you go. You know how much it will cost you too. You will pay the same as if you would book a taxi at the airport and probably less.

When you book a taxi you will want to give the company

 • your name

 • flight number

 • date and time of arrival

 • your cell phone number if you have one

The two Companies I recommend have been in business for years and very very rarely do they miss an appointment at the airport.

These companies have their own drivers with their own cars. No metered taxis. Air-con, courteous drivers who want ask you for a tip.

Of course you can tip but you do not have to.

If you would like a female driver (especially if you are female yourself) just ask the taxi company.

How Else To Get From Bangkok To Pattaya?

This is one thing that can make your travel to Thailand and your transfer simple.   

You can also take a bus to Pattaya that you will be taking from Bangkok airport. If you do not know Bangkok airport and Thailand well or it's your first time I would suggest you book a Taxi to Pattaya in advance.

Safe travels!

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