A Business In Pattaya
Good Idea?

Many people coming to Pattaya are dreaming of opening a business in Pattaya or maybe in another place in Thailand.

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In Pattaya many dream of owning a bar, maybe with their new found Thai Love.

They can see themselves being surrounded by

 • beautiful Thai Hostesses

 • eat great Thai food

 • and just altogether leading a wonderful life in Paradise, without worries.

For many the dream of owning a beer bar in Pattaya has become a nightmare, but there are ways to reduce the risk of business failure.

There is a lot of competition and also some very experienced competition from all over the world.

business in pattaya

Business is Business

Business as usual or business is business. Not so in Thailand and Pattaya. Same Same, but different, and that holds true for anyone wanting to start a business in Pattaya.

Needless to say if one has no prior business experience whatsoever (which can be observed in Pattaya often) it may be a good idea to acquire business skills and experience first.

Some people in Pattaya seem to believe because they like dinking beer they can open a Beer Bar in Pattaya.

Even if one has skills or knowledge of something that doesn't make someone a business man or woman, and that is even more true in a foreign country like Thailand.

Like anywhere in the world it takes to take a good look at oneself to see if one has what it takes to start a business, particularly in Thailand.

Businesses and particularly bars in Pattaya close or change owners just as quick as they open.

Business people in Thailand respect neatly dressed people and people with good manners. Politeness paves the way to being treated with respect (especially when doing business in Pattaya!)

Being aggressive in business will not work with Thai people, but what will work is building slowly a relationship which is build on trust and respect. Western logic means nothing in Thailand and one will certainly not stay in business for long with the ways business is done in the western world.

Beer Bars

I am going to stay focused on Beer Bars since that is what most people in Pattaya want to open. First of, there are many beer bars for sale in Pattaya and there is no rush if that is really what one wants to do. I would want to point out that it would be very wise to stay in Pattaya for several months before buying.

There are about 3000 registered entertainment venues (including beer bars, agogo bars, karaoke bars, restaurants etc.) in Pattaya at any given time. In my humble opinion that's more than enough, but you find new ones open (and close) daily.

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