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My training with the Scuba Instructors at Adventure Divers in Pattaya was an "all in all good".

Thailand is known for its exotic scuba diving locations.

Robert Camp, the owner of Adventure Divers is making sure that everything is kept safe. I couldn't have asked for a better start and the scuba diving in Thailand was a lot of fun.

Diving in Thailand is such a pleasure and the sub tropical climate and the Islands around Pattaya make it so much fun. Pattaya is also known for its Wreck Diving in Pattaya.

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clownfish diving holidays thailand
 starfish diving holidays thailand

Get to see clownfish and starfish as they act in their natural habitat.  If you're a fan of 'Finding Nemo' then you'll love diving underwater.

reef diving holidays thailand
coral feeding diving holidays thailand

The Coral Reef is a beautiful thing to be around.  It's a life of its own that you have no idea what it's like unless you see it.  Sometimes you'll never expect to find such abundant life just below the water.

snail diving holidays thailand
cushion star diving holidays thailand

Find things you've never seen before.  The amount of colors and abundant lives under Pattaya is stunning.  In fact you'll be so amazed that you'll want to go back underwater.

strange fish diving holidays thailand
habitat diving holidays thailand

More new colors and sights await you underwater.  This is what gets many scuba divers hooked on going under the sea.

reef diving holidays thailand
snail diving holidays thailand

Again things that you'll love to find underwater.  They'll be in their own habitat and you'll discover how they live.

Would You Like Diving?

If you've never tried it then how about giving it a go?  I'm sure you'll enjoy the waters and the beauty that lives in it.  That's why you'll love going scuba diving in Pattaya.

In any case - have a fun time in Thailand!

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