Elephant Painting in
Pattaya Thailand

The video below is an elephant painting an elephant.

The elephant in this video is in Thailand but not in Pattaya at Nong Nooch tropical garden.
He's such a MichelAngelo though and he deserves to be on this page.

As I understand He was rescued from abusive treatment in Burma. What a change.... now he is painting self portraits.

This video was recorded in Pattaya at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden and Resort. Of course it's an elephant which is painting a tree and a flower.

Nothing strange about an elephant who does some painting. Quiet an attraction I think.

Some people say the elephant has been trained to reproduce the painting. That's it.

Nothing to it. Others say it's animal cruelty and then there is those who are just amazed.

According to biologists, the elephant's trunk has over forty thousand individual muscles.

The Controversy of Elephant Shows

There's a lot of controversy behind these shows for 2 main reasons.

Elephants are a respected animal in Thailand.  In fact the elephant represents 'strength'.  A long time ago warriors would ride them to battle.  You can imagine the sight of an elephant charge!  The people who take care of these animals have a respected position in Thailand.  They are called 'Sanuuks'.

This is all good right?  Then what's the controversy?

Elephants go through questionable conditioning.  Wonder how they do those shows and feats?  They've been beaten and psychologically abused to do so.  If you search online you'll find a lot of videos of how these creatures are put into cages and terrorized.  The Sanuuks use sticks and rope to imprison the elephants and abuse them into submission.

Many people wonder why are these animals treated this way if they're such respected and admired creatures?

In any case - the elephant show is fun to watch and you'll be in for a treat!

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