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Random Photos/Images of Pattaya.

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All these images were taken in September and October.

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In any case you find pictures here that will give you a livelier idea of what the city is like.

You might think that it's all about Walking Street but that's only the tip of is Pattaya.

There are many things to experience and enjoy here. 

In fact the first picture on the left is of a place I like to relax with my friends.

What about you?

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Cocktail Bus in Pattaya

Cocktail Bus in Pattaya's Street Walk

Cucumber Restaurant

Cucumber Restaurant on Pattaya Tai

Electrical Lines hanging

Electrical lines hanging in Pattaya

Fruit Stands in Pattaya

Fruit and Vegetables Stand Pattaya

Enjoy relaxing at new places like a cocktail bus or at the Cucumber restaurant which has a nice Chicken with Cashew Nuts dish.  Get more restaurant reviews if you want to choose a place to eat there while you're at it.

Massage in Jomtien

massage in Jomtien beach near Pattaya

Big Buddha Pattaya

Big Buddha in Pattaya

Street Painting

street sign painting being done

Pattaya Toilet

Pattaya Walking Street toilet sign

Relax with a massage in Jomtien or a trip to the Big Buddha in Pattaya. Feel free to catch some funny things during your trip such as typos.

Little Boy at the beach

beach boy at the beach in Pattaya

Jetski rental Dongtan

jetski in Pattaya Dongtan beach

Rainy Day Jomtien Beach

rainy day in Jomtien beach

Tuk Tuks Parked Beachside

tuk tuks parked at the beach

If you're in Thailand you have to check out the beaches.  It's world-famous for them so why not?  Feel free to take a Tuk Tuk but be sure they don't overcharge or try to "make a stop" to "re-fill" (yeah I fell for that one.)

Dog sleeping at Jomtien

dog relaxing at Jomtien beach

Freelancer Prostitutes

freelancer prostitutes on Beach Road

Beer Garden on Beach Road

beer garden on Pattaya's beach road

Pattaya Daytime Promenade

promenade on Pattaya's beach road

Enjoy some of the small day-to-day things you can notice in the city.  Catch a sleeping or a "freelancer" working.  If you don't notice her chances are that she'll notice you!

Entrance Dongtan Beach

Dongtan Beach Police Office entrance

Pattaya Skyline at Night

Pattaya skyline at night

Pattaya Skyline During The Day

Pattaya Skyline during the day

Tiffany Pattaya Transvestite

Pattaya Tiffany's Transvestite Cabaret

Spend the afternoon at Dongtan beach, followed with an evening checking out the Pattaya Skyline from Big Buddha

Did you already go to Pattaya and have your own pictures of the place?  Share your own photos of Pattaya below for others to get a glimpse of your view on the city.

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