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koh samet island pictures

The images below have been taken in December on Koh Samet Island.

I was on Koh Samet in 1980 for the first time and yes things have changed.

Still a wonderful and beautiful Island.

So why not take a peek below? 

You'll be glad you did!

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Samet Bungalow

bungalow on koh samet island

Beach Bungalows

bungalows beach front koh samet

Sunchair Relax

umbrella and sunchair on koh samet island

Yachts in Bay

yachts on koh samet island thailand

White Sand

bungalows at white sandy beach in koh samet

Beach Morning

vacant sunchair at the beach in the morning

Bay Morning

Looking at the bay in the morning

Nai Dan Peer

Nai Dan Peer Koh Samet Island

Ban Phe Pier

boats at Ban Phe Pier

Secluded Bay

secluded Bay at Koh Samed

Sandy Beach

sandy beach on Koh Samet island

Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow Samet Island

I hope you enjoyed the Koh Samet Island Pictures and maybe you yourself will go to Koh Samet Thailand one day.

Have you already been once?  Please share with us below!

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