Mum Aroi Pattaya
Great Thai Food Restaurant

Pictures and directions to the two Mum Aroi Pattaya Restaurants.

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Most people enjoy the Thai food and in particular Seafood in the Mum Aroi Restaurants.

In the mood for a taste of the sea?

Wonder how Thai seafood tastes differently than back home?

In fact the way the food is cooked and prepared is different from Thai restaurants in your country.

Okay you're hungry.

How do you go to the restaurant?

This is a chain of 3 restaurants.  There is one

 • on 3rd road

 • in Naklua

 • in Sriracha

Mum Aroi Restaurant Third Road

mum aroi restaurant 3rd road

This one is located on third road.

From Pattaya Klang it is exactly one kilometer on the left hand side.

The Neon Sign is in Thai but just remember the image above and you can't miss it.

From Pattaya Nua it is 0.9 Kilometers on your right hand side.

You will pass the Thai Massage Center and the driving range on your right.

There is also a sign of the Hollywood disco right at the corner where the Mum Aroi restaurant is.

The Mum Aroi Restaurants are very popular restaurants that serve excellent Thai food / Sea food at reasonable prices in a very nice open setting.

They have English menus as well and the service is first class. These restaurants and the places are very much family orientated.

They are open from afternoon onwards and they get very busy in the evenings but there are almost always tables free somewhere. Usually these two restaurants are frequented mostly by Thai Customers (a good sign). You won't be disappointed.

The 2nd Mum Aroi Restaurant is located in Naklua.

From Naklua dolphin round about you will have to drive all the way to the end of Naklua Road. You will pass by Naklua Market and the Naklua tree.

This tree is hard to miss because if you do not drive around it you will run into it right by the Naklua market (as on the right.)

mum aroi near the market tree

The tree is a curiosity in itself.

It must be a sacred tree.

A boat made out of concrete has been built around it and it is an altar as well.

I could only guess what the meaning of the tree is, but when i find out I will add it to this page.

Once you passed the "Naklua Tree" you continue on straight.

Cross the bridge and soon you will see the triangular Mum Aroi neon sign on top a roof.

It's next to Ananya.

Beach View of the Restaurant

Mum Aroi restaurant Naklua

Restaurant Sign You'll See

Mum Aroi Naklua Sign

This Restaurant is right on the beach and it is a very beautiful place.

I suggest you come in good time cause here all the up-scale Thais go for a great dinner.

t can get very crowded on weekends.

The food is excellent.

The place is nice, with some live music in the evening.

A great place to watch the fisher boats. Several old wooden boats are giving this place a unique view.

At low tide Thai people are out clamming. Just a wonderful place to enjoy a great dinner.

Sunsets can be spectacular here.

Watch Locals Clamming

locals clamming near Mum Aroi

Beautiful Sunset

beautiful sunset from Mum Aroi

In the background you see Naklua and it's high rised condominium buildings.

A roof top of the sanctuary of truth can be seen from the restaurant as well.

Bring your camera because you will be able to take some nice shots, in particular at sunset.

I have many beautiful pictures...too many to post here.

Definitely a place for a first date but also great to take your friends, family, relatives, kids, boss, love...well you get the picture.

Mum Aroi Sriracha

Beautiful View of The Beach

Mum Aroi Sri Racha beach view

Mum Aroi Restaurant Entrance

mum aroi Sriracha

This Restaurant is located opposite of the Samitivej Sriracha Hospital in Sriracha. Beautiful location right by the beach.

This Restaurant is a lot larger than it's sisters in Pattaya.

30 Km from Pattaya Nua in Sriracha. Turn left at Thanon Jermjompol Rd and then the next right passed the main entrance of the hospital.

In any case - enjoy your dinner at any the Mum Aroi Pattaya!

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