Pattaya Accommodation
Great Variety In Thailand

Pattaya Accommodation from 5 Star Hotels to cheap Guest Houses.

There is something for every budget and every pocket.

Villas on the beach, bungalows in a park-like setting, and hotels in any shape and size you can imagine.

Do a search and find out for yourself.

Even if you do not book online you will get a very good idea of what is available, and at what room rates.

Different Types of Accomodation in Pattaya


pattaya accomodation hotels


pattaya accomodation villas


pattaya accomodation bungalows

Negotiate a Better Rate

You do not have to book in advance. The political unrest in Bangkok and the occupation of the 2 international airports in 2008 have put a large dent into the tourist business. Hotel bookings are down 20-30%!

This means it will give you the opportunity to save money because you may be able to negotiate a better rate.

That being said it's always better to have at least 2 to 3 options before negotiating.  This takes away the "I must stay at this place" mentality that can easily kick in.  You also give away a more relaxed impression to the person who wants you to rent the place.  This forces them to be more open to negotiating if they want you to rent their place.

Thais have more practice with bartering with foreigners than you may realize.

pattaya accomodation resort

In order to negotiate a deal you will have to be in Pattaya. My suggestion is to book a hotel in advance for the first couple of days, that way you do not have to go hunting for accommodation immediately after your long international flight.

Room rates do change depending on the season, but there is always an abundance of hotels with room rates starting at around 500 Baht for the "Sawasdee Sunshine Hotel", and the high end is 8,000 Baht for the "Sigma Resort Jomtien Pattaya".

Have fun in Thailand!

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