Where The Pattaya Cinemas
And Movie Theaters Are

Pattaya has many things to do and going to one of the 4 Pattaya cinemas is one way to entertain you.

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You have the Cinema at the Royal Garden, the cinema at

 • the "Big C" shopping center

 • "The Avenue 

 • the newest one at the Central Festival Pattaya

Of course even though you're in a movie theater there are certain rules you must abide by.

Yes you will be expected to even though you're a 'farang' ('foreigner' in Thai)

Abide By These Pattaya Cinemas' Rules

  • Leave your pets at home
  • No Mobile phone (turn off)
  • When the Thai Anthem plays - get up

Quick Tips When Watching a Movie

Buy your ticket in advance.   Something you also want to keep in mind is that you are assigned a seat.  Be sure to ask for one in advance (or just be sure you're okay with the one given.)  You get better seats if you do this. 

Come to the movie 15 minutes after starting time.  I say this out of experience.  The first fifteen to thirty minutes are commercials and advertising.  Unless you enjoy watching Thai commercials then you can skip them by coming late.  The ushers usually don't care if you come late.

Be sure you stand up when they play the anthem.  I've had a friend who didn't know.   We sat on the first row so we didn't see the people behind us get up.  Thankfully I reminded him and we avoided the embarrassment (or worse!)  Spare yourself the trouble and respect it.

Enjoy The Movie!

Whether you've picked to see the movie on a standard screen or 3D get ready to enjoy it.  You'll be surprised at how modern (if not 'advanced') the movie theaters are in Pattaya.  You can always enjoy the Pattaya nightlife afterwards too!


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