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Which Pattaya dentist do you definitely want to know?

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My dentist practice in Pattaya is the Sunbeam Dental Clinic.

It's located in Soi 8 maybe 300-400 feet on your right hand side coming from 2nd Road.

That's my dentist.

Most dentists in this dental clinic are ladies and speak very good english.

So if you ever have a need to go get your teeth checked...then I recommend that clinic.

Soon you'll understand why I recommend them and how much what you want done will cost you.

"Why Do I Recommend This Pattaya Dentist?"

dentist in pattaya

The main reason - The price is right.

Compared to dentists in other countries that I have been to I found

 • Thai dentists to be professional

 • gentle

 • not out to rob you but give you the best treatment they can

The cost is a fraction of what it would cost in the western world.

I have friends who go to other dentists here in Pattaya but I have yet to hear one negative comment about any of them.

dentist in pattaya

In other words: as many different people you are going to ask who the best dentists in Pattaya is, as many different best dentists you are going to hear about.

If there is one that's not good, I haven't heard of him/her.

Many of the dentists in Thailand studied in western countries so you have the same quality and skill level than anywhere else...

...just with an added touch of the Thai gentleness.

The technology and equipment being used by dentists here is excellent and not only compares to western standard but may also exceed it at times.

Prices For The Sunbeam Dentist in Pattaya

Prices of Sunbeam Dental Clicnic in Pattaya
by the time of this writing

  • Scaling and Polishing (cleaning)
    600 Baht
  • Bleaching and Whitening:
    Full Course
    9,000 Baht
    Laser only
    5,000 Baht
    Home Bleaching
    4,000 Baht
    Gel for Homebleaching
    400 Baht
  • Filling with composite resin (white filling)
    First surface 600 Baht
    Second surface 400 Baht
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Anterior Tooth
    4,000 Baht
    Premolar Tooth
    5,000 Baht
    Molar Tooth
    8,000 Baht
  • Inlay/Onlay
    7,000 Baht
    8,000 Baht
  • Veneer Facing
    2,000 Baht
    7,000 Baht
  • Crown/Cap
    Non Precious
    6,000 Baht
    Semi Precious
    8,000 Baht
    High Precious (Gold)
    10,000 Baht
    All Ceramic
    10,000 Baht
  • Post For Crown
    2,000 Baht
  • Tooth Extraction
    Deciduous Tooth
    400 Baht
  • Permanent Tooth
    600 baht
    Complicated Tooth
    1,000-2,000 Baht
    Wisdom Tooth
    2,500-3,000 Baht

You can find the Sunbeam Dental Clinic at:

217/17-18 Moo 9 Soi 8 Beach Road, Nongprue, Chonburi 20150
Tel: 0-3836-2187
E-mail: sbdc_pattaya@hotmail.com

Are You Near Somewhere Else In Thailand?

I believe that if one needs a lot of Dental Work done It may be worthwhile checking out Dentistry in the North of Thailand, particularly Chiang Mai. A friend of mine had estimates of $ 10,000 for her dental work in the U.S.

She travelled to Chiang Mai and had her dental work done for USD$ 2,000, and of course had a great vacation.

If you have a lot of work that needs to get done you may want to consider Chiang Mai.

No matter where in Thailand, I would prefer to spend time in Thailand while having dental work done, sit on the beach, by the pool, or getting a massage in Pattaya.

In any case - have fun as you get it over with!

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