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The accommodation here comes in all shapes and sizes.

It also comes at all price points. 

The thing is that most resorts don't advertise online. 

In fact there are plenty of places that would suit you better than you know.

But how can you find these places and would they really be a better deal?

you bet!

Here's how...

Step 1 - Book a Hotel For Only a Day

That's right.  Will you stay longer than a few days?  Find a place online that would suit you for a day and book it.  You can find places at that are worthwhile. 

Once you get here you will discover

 • what you like about Pattaya

 • Pattaya hotels that are near that at a price you're okay with

 • what rooms and Pattaya accommodations you'd really want

Pattaya Royal Cliff Resort

pattaya hotels

Royal Cliff Beach Pattaya

pattaya hotels

Would you rather stay closer to the beach than the nightlife?  Find out for yourself first before booking for a long period of time.  You might decide to stay at a resort closer to it!

The best part is that if you are planning on staying around a week or two - you can take this next step.

Step 2 - Ask For a 'Week Package'

When I came to Pattaya for the first time I decided to stay at a hotel for a week.

I went to the counter and asked : "What price do you have if we stay a week?"  Ask as if you're expecting a discount and chances are you will!

Hotels know that their job is to fill up the rooms and they'd much prefer a guaranteed weekly guest than a daily one.  Granted - they might ask you to pay upfront a portion of it.

Get The Best Deal As Possible

So now you have more choice over which Pattaya hotels you would prefer.  Not only that but you also can keep more of your hard-earned money. 

Staying a month?  In this case you might want to consider getting a condominium.  You not only get your own place but you can also save money (than if you were staying at a hotel or a serviced apartment for a month.)  Check out Expat Condos and explore the different types of rooms available.  Enjoy the first-person camera experience!

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