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These images of Pattaya Jomtien have been taken in September.

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That's one of the most relaxing and peaceful time in this part of Thailand.

A great time since there were so few tourists.

Unfortunately for the Thai people and the Thai economy but it sure was nice having so few tourists.

On weekends you always have Thai people from Pattaya and surroundings and from Bangkok visiting Pattaya and Jomtien..

Enjoy the pictures of Jomtien Beach and Jomtien beach Road.

Click on the images to see larger versions.

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jomtien beach view

Jomtien Beach at about Soi 9. Deck chairs and sun umbrellas. This picture was taken after a rainy day and the beach was empty.

jomtien beach on a windy day

Windy day on Jomtien beach after the rain last night. View to the west towards Pattaya.

fun things to do on this beach

The little bit of wind doesn't keep people from riding a Jet Ski.

Kids enjoy the waves.

quiet day

Jomtien Beach view to the east from Soi 9.

It's great when there is no people on the Beach.

deck chairs on the beach


Nobody on the Beach.

Deck Chairs and Tables looking towards the water.

jomtien beach via palm trees

Looking from Jomtien Beach Road at the sea through Palm trees after the rain.

In September

sunny day on the beach

This was a sunny day in Thailand.

Speed boats, jet skis and sun umbrella.

empty deck chairs to choose from

Beautiful day.

No people - empty deck chairs and a great view.

wind surfing gear in Jomtien

Wind Surfing Gear under palm trees at Jomtien beach.

Speeding aquatic bananas can be rented too.

dog watching over coconuts

The dog is watching over the coconuts.

It's been a hard day.

Jomtien parasailing

Parasailing is one of the many activities and things to do in Jomtien.

street vendor

Street vendor looking for hungry people.

Great sea food.

boat for an island trip

There are many boats you can hire.

Great for a trip to the near by islands.

Vendor on the beach

Vendor looking for families with kids to sell his floating devices and toys.

Quiet beach...

Amazing how empty it is.

Again the fall can be the quietest time of the year in this part of Thailand.

jomtien beach aquatic banana

Speeding aquatic banana taking a break in the shade under the sun umbrella.

Thai massage on the beach

How about a Thai massage on the Beach.

What a Life!

vendor selling food

Vendor on the beach selling food to foreign and Thai tourists.

Thai restaurant on the beach

Thai restaurant on Pattaya Jomtien Beach Road.

Yummy Prawns and crabs.

Cheap too.

delicious seafood at the restaurant

Prawns, crab, squid, barbequed fish and a lot more inside the restaurant.

jomtien beach from a baht bus

View of Jomtien Beach off the Baht Bus.

Great day.

Not too hot and not too cold.

great windsurfing

Young employees preparing Wind Surfing Gear.

Jomtien is famous for great winds for windsurfing.

jomtien beach road promenade

View of Jomtien beach Road from the promenade. Baht Bus driving by.

10 baht per ride.

jomtien beach road baht bus

Passengers getting on and off the Baht Bus on Jomtien Beach Road.

motorbike vendor

Motor bike vendor selling food to Thai customers.

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