Pattaya Ladyboy in Alcazar...
Gender Bending Revealed

You'll definitely find a Pattaya ladyboy in the Alcazar.

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They are also known as Katoeys in Thailand.

There are many people who say your holiday to this city will not be complete without a trip to the Alcazar show.

I have never been to the Alcazar and the reviews about this cabaret are not all positive.

Some people find it amateurish.

Others love it.

How about you?  Would you be in awe of the beautiful site in front of you?

Or would it freak you out?

There's really only one way (or place) to know.

Cabaret Shows in Thailand

Pattaya is famous for its cabaret shows.  The more popular ones are Tiffany and Alcazar.

These cabarets are featuring katoeys (male to female transsexuals.)  In fact if no one had told you that the beautiful woman you saw at the show was a ladyboy - you wouldn't have known!

In Thailand transsexuals are more accepted than in most other countries...even more so than other South East Asian countries.

Ladyboys in Pattaya in Front of Alcazar

pattaya ladyboy

Alcazar is known for its long-running cabaret and gets bus loads of tourists from all over the world crammed in to view the colorful spectacle.

Beautiful transsexuals lip-synch in an array of Las Vegas style gowns. It will be glamorous but depending how you feel about will be frustrating.  One second you'll think "wow she's pretty".  The next second you'll think "'s a guy!"  Then you'll think "but (s)he's so pretty."  Your friends will find it amusing watching you.

How Do You Get There?

You can find it on 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road.  Take a baht bus on the big road after the beach road and keep going until you see this picture. 

alcazar pattaya ladyboy entrance

You'll know you've gone too far if you've reached a roundabout.  Then again you can always ask the locals or the tourist guides...they'll tell you where it is.  Just be sure to have ten baht coins for the baht buses!

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