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Pattaya vacations vary from traveler to traveler and expat to expat.

Some people are avid swimmers, bikers, or scuba divers.

Others still learn how to swim, but love to sunbathe by the pool.

Some spend all of their time on a well-manicured lawn around a pool.

Others bar hop from one bar to the other.

But one thing remains the same for everyone, no matter who..

Everybody eats.

And Everybody wants to eat well.

International and Thai Restaurants are one of Pattaya's truly special expertises, Eating in Pattaya is one of its great pleasures.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant in Pattaya. Food's a matter of taste. And not every restaurant is for everyone's taste. So please share your favorite Pattaya restaurant with the rest of us.

Share the food and pass the gravy! Write your own Pattaya restaurants reviews and share with future visitors to Pattaya.

It's fun. It's easy. Just let us know...

Thanks For Your Review

Thank you for sharing your opinion.  It's hard to find good restaurants in a new city - especially when you're in the mood for something.  We're lucky in this city to have such a variety of expat foods as well as Thai food. 

That being said there are many places that can easily ruin our impression of the country from where that food is from.  What's worse - we can get sick which is never a good thing.

That being said - if you're going to a restaurant and aren't sure if it's good...what are some things you can do to get an idea?

From my experience as an ex-waiter and eating all over the world..this is what I've found:

Check the wait staff - Are they happy or look like they dread their job?  Do they smile and are professional or are they sloppy? This gives you a good idea of the management, the kitchen and thus your food.

Get a glimpse of the kitchen - how clean is the kitchen?  Does it look messy or is it well cleaned up?  You can imagine how they'll treat your food based on how the kitchen is.

Look at the menu - usually the bigger the menu the less likely they are to make good dishes.  After all you can't make all dishes well.  Thai menus are tricky because you can customize your food (fried noodles or fried rice with chicken or beef, etc...)  If the Western part of the menu is too big then chances are the restaurant isn't that good.

In any case - happy eating in Pattaya!

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