Pattaya Secrets and Walking Street

Heard about Pattaya Secrets?

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Walking Street and other areas in the city are known to the single male visitor as "Thailand's Disneyland"...

...only the rides are better.

This 'Secrets bar' is one of the most famous places in this town.

In fact many male visitors come to visit it.

For some visitors it's their #1 reason to come to Thailand in the first place.

Would you like it?

What can you expect there?

What are the 'hostesses' like?

How much will you pay for drinks and all?

First off - how do you get there?

"Where is it?"

Walking Street Sign

Pattaya Secrets sign

Main Logo

Pattaya Secrets logo

The Entrance

Pattaya Secrets entrance

Advertised as a quality

 • nightclub

 • bar

 • hotel

it is located on Soi 14 off walking Street.  It's hard to miss because of the "walking signs" right at the corner of Walking Street and Soi 14.

What Can You Expect?

pattaya secrets girls

They have Coyote dancers yet it's not a gogo bar, restaurant, Dj's, Live Music, and a lot of happy single males who are enjoying the company of beautiful hostesses (there are people on Thailand forums who don't think so).

Secrets owners have done a great job at advertising this club and are obviously hiring young models for their ads.

It is not the least expensive place when it comes to drinks and bar fines and is mostly geared towards males who come for a short visit.

In Secrets you probably won't find anyone who is living or retired in this city.  If you'd like to be then check out the low cost of living in Pattaya.

It has a central location and if Secrets doesn't tickle your fancy you can just explore other GoGo bars, Restaurants, discos, Beer Bars on Walking Street.

What Else Can You Find on Walking Street?

Many Pattaya bars and Agogos will surround you.  Even if you enjoy going to Pattaya Secrets you might want to check out other places as well.

If you liked the experience in that place and want to go to a similar place then you can check out Soi Diamond (you'll find it on this Pattaya map.)  There are nice places such as Angelwitch and Baccara which have been there for years.

For something more laid back and casual then keep walking along the street.  After 10 minutes you'll get closer to the port.  You'll find more quiet bars and upscale restaurants.

Have fun there!

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