Pattaya Thumbs of
 International Mardi Gras

The Pattaya thumbs below have been taken on 23rd January at the first International Mardi Gras in Pattaya.

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Every year you get an amazing sight this time of year.

Sure the weather is nice but you also find beautiful Thai women from all over Thailand.

Do you like Halloween? 

Then you'll love International Mardi Gras!

You'll find beautiful Thai women in 'costumes' that you wouldn't believe.

So take a look below to get an idea of what you'll discover.

Pattaya Photos of International Mardi Gras

Pattaya girls during international mardi gras

Below are pictures of different costumes the girls will wear. 

When you get here you'll also see a parade with a lot of

 • women dancing

 • girls singing

 • Carnival-style shows

So click on the link of each picture and you'll get a better view on a new page.

Pattaya Cowgirl

Pattaya cowgirls

Cowgirl Pattaya

cowgirls in Pattaya

Girls Girls Girls

girls galore in Pattaya

4 Bar Girls

4 Pattaya girls

Lovely Thai girls with long-silk hair and cowboy  They're also in a festive mood and are open to having a good time.


Girls Singing

Pattaya girls singing

Fashion Club Girl

Fashion club girl

Fashion Club Girl

fashionable Pattaya club girl

Live music ranging from Western rock to Traditional Isaan tunes.  Hopefully either the girls will have a nice singing voice or you'll be having so much fun that it won't matter.

Ladyboy Bird

Pattaya Ladyboy Bird

Pattaya Secrets

Pattaya Secrets Girls

Fashion Club Girl

Pattaya Fashion Club Girl

Bamboo Bar Girls

Bamboo bar girls in Pattaya

Think that flamboyant Pattaya girls are a sight?  Wait until you see the Flamboyant ladyboys.  They'll wear outfits that will make you want to take pictures again and again. 

While you're at it - how about getting a costume as well for yourself?

Feel free to check out 12 more Pattaya girls thumbs of Mardi Gras to get a more complete idea of what you'll see at this party.

If you're thinking of coming to it I recommend taking care of your accommodation and finding a fair flight as soon as possible.  It gets busy this time of year.  You'll even be able to make your own personal photo collection.

See you at the next one!

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