Pattaya Women
Women of Pattaya

There really are not that many Pattaya Women or oftentimes called "Pattaya Girls" in this city!

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Did you know that most Thais who live in Pattaya aren't really from there?

Historically this city was a fishing village that boomed first because of the US soldiers who went there.

Since there was a demand for ladies then more of them started coming from other provinces. 

But where do they mainly come from?

The City is Really Like a "Little Isaan"

pattaya women

Most Thai people are not from this city and are usually not registered in there either.

It is extremely rare to meet someone who is actually from that city.  Hence - there really aren't that many Pattaya ladies that you could date.

When you live in here you will find out that it is like "little Isaan". Needless to say that everybody comes to this city because they are unable to find work in Isaan. Or because the work they would be doing in Isaan isn't that appealing.

Where Do They Work?

In high season (November to April) there are an estimated 40,000 Thai Women coming to this city to work in

  • Beer Bars

  • Agogo Bars

  • Massage parlors

  • Restaurants

and many other entertainment venues.

It is safe to say that most of the Women work in the adult entertainment industry which in this city is catering mostly to foreigners. Check out this MUST READ book 'Private Dancer' and find out more about how things work here.

Get To Know Them

If you're up for it you can ask these women about their homes and families.  They do appreciate it (or at least appear to).  You can get a better insight about their lives and what it's like for them to do what they do and how they think.

If you also come to this part of the world regularly - you can also get a glimpse of their culture too.  We're not just talking about the food they eat and the music they listen to...we're also talking about why this city is the way it is...from things like the nightlife to the relationships.

In any case - have fun in Thailand!

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