Which Property In Pattaya
Can You Actually Buy?

You will see for sale signs scattered about buying property in Pattaya.

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Sure you'll find

 • land

 • apartments

 • houses

 • and more

but can you really own any of them?

When it comes to Pattaya real estate it's best to know what is legally in your favor. 

Make sure that your hard earned money actually goes to something you can call your own.

So what can you actually put your name on?  Answer: Condos.

There are condominium complexes being build all over Pattaya and compared to other parts in the world condos are still cheap in this city.

Get Property in Pattaya That You Can Put Your Name On

property pattaya condo

I recommend looking into investing in condos if you want to get something in Pattaya.  Get more control over

 • what happens with the place

 • if you want to set it up as a rental or vacation home (or both)

 • who you can will it to when you're gone

 • and much more...

Why give your money and assets to someone else when you can call them yours?

Not only that but living in complexes is enjoyable and convenient.

Amenities In Condominium Complexes Usually Include

a multitude of choices for both you and those you care about.  If you want to rent your condo the complex will have appealing things for them too.  This can include

 • health club facilities or a gym

 • garages and/or parking

 • community centers

 • swimming pools

 • 24/7 security

 • party rooms

 • maintenance

 • and more...

An affordable condo in Pattaya close to the beach in Jomtien can be bought for under one million Baht. The price of course depends on location, what floor the condo is on, amenities, size of the condo, and the quality of the interior finish.

From under one million baht for a Condominium close to the beach to 11 million for a condominium on 14th - 15th floor, duplex condos with ocean view is something that would be very difficult to find in most countries around the world.

Get A Bigger Pool Hassle-Free

property pattaya pool

Own an Exotic Beach Property

property pattaya beach

Why Property In Pattaya Is More Convenient Down South

Living in a condo in Pattaya Jomtien is great and you can partake in the huzzle and buzzle in Pattaya when you feel like it.

You can take a Baht bus from Jomtien Beach Road to Pattaya for 10 Baht. Some people prefer to own their own vehicle or scooter.

Many Condo owners spend 6 months in their Condo in Pattaya Jomtien and can leave the unit without any worries since these complexes have 24/7 security. Notify the office of your absence and they will turn the water to your unit off. Others rent their condominium while they are not in the country.

There are also many expats who own more than 1 condo and earn a living or extra money by renting these units to tourists or other expats. All of this can be handled by a professional real estate property management service.

Most Condo Complexes Also Offer

  • Attorney and translation services
  • Convenience stores
  • Laundry services
  • Massage parlours
  • Maid services
  • Restaurants
  • Car rentals

Want To Rent Property In Pattaya First?

Executive and Budget Condominiums condos range from 8000 Baht a month to 100,000 Baht a month and they will rent to you for a month if they have a condo available during the period of time you are planning to rent.

The longer you rent the less expensive of course. Condos may have 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom with full European kitchens or kitchenette.

Any maintenance issues that may arise take a phone call and will be taken care of immediately.

If you want to rent or purchase a condo in Pattaya Executive and Budget Condominiums will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Make The Most out of Property In Pattaya

So there you have it.  Give yourself the best option by buying something you can own.  Plan on renting instead?  Have access to a 'rent-to-own' option as well! In any case know that you have options so why not get the one(s) that suit you the most?

Have fun in Pattaya!

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