Wreck Scuba Diving in Pattaya

When scuba diving in Pattaya - the Wreck diving is one of the
most famous Ship Wreck Diving in Thailand.

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No there was no war.

The ship was sunk........

.....in January 2003 by the Thai Navy to create an artificial reef and to create Thailand’s Underwater Conservation Park.

This ship was formerly known as the USS LSM 469 warship and had been in service for almost 60 years.

The HMTS Khram has been prepared by the Thai Navy as a dive site.

The ship has been cleared of hazards and is free of oil and armaments

Exciting Wreck Diving

scuba diving in Pattaya

They also cut holes into the body of the ship to allow access and let natural light in.

 •The bridge

 • the radio room and

 •the engine room

are all accessible for Scuba diving.

There are more Ship Wrecks in the Vicinity of Pattaya.

You'll be surprised at how beautiful a ship wreck can be.  In fact the amount of colors and fishlife in there will amaze you.

In any case - below you'll find pictures of things you can find when you go scuba diving.

Click Any of The Images To See a Larger Version

wreck dive
part of the wreck

Some of the plant life has grown on the walls and the wheels on the ship.  As you can tell it's attracted a lot of small fish too.

another shot from scuba diving
Are these pipes?

Other pictures of how the ship has changed.  When you swim around the wreck you'll find a lot of life growing on this old ship.

beautiful reef and fish
3 other divers at the site

Pictures of the reef and fellow scuba divers.  It's fun to explore this beautiful world with other people.  Get the chance to meet them and even share your experiences with them.  It makes for life-long memories.

Watch Me Diving the HTMS Krahm.

So when you have the chance to - check out the scuba diving and look into doing it.

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