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Pattaya Scuba Diving

Fun Scuba Diving Photos Pattaya that will give you a good idea of what your dive could be like.

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These Scuba Diving photos are from one of the dive trips with the Adventure divers Pattaya, taken in April.

The trip could be called an international dive fest.

Onboard the "Saifon" were

 • Russians

 • Germans

 • French

 • Iranians

 • Thais (of course)

 • English

 • Americans

and one Burmese.

It was a fun trip to the near and far Islands close to Pattaya in the Gulf of Siam.

Robert Camp

scuba diver Robert Camp

Captain of the Saifon

captain of the ship

Telling Dive Stories

Robert telling dive stories

Get to meet the the crew and check out their stories.  Robert Camp and the Saifon Captain have had their share of seafaring adventures.  It makes for great entertainment on your way to the diving site.

Russian Diver

Russian lady scuba diving

Adventure Divers

Pattaya Adventure divers underwater

Having Fun

instructor teaching and getting the students wet

Get to meet some of your fellow divers.  In this case I met a lovely Russian woman and other fun divers.  We had fun both underwater and out of the water.

Getting Ready

getting ready to dive

Simone Diving

Simone getting ready for her dive

Open Water Jump

open water jump

 Ready to go underwater?  Once the ship has decided on the diving spot it's time to get ready.  Follow along as the others get their gear on - and then jump overboard!  Capture beautiful photos of a typical scuba diving experience in Pattaya is like.

Wolf And Simone

Wolf and Simone diving in Pattaya

Pattaya Divers

Pattaya Scuba divers

Happy Diving

happy couple diving in Pattaya

Again - a great thing is when you can meet other great people along the way.  Here I met Wolf and Simone as well as other Pattaya divers.  At the end of the dive you're open to grab a drink or dinner with them.  It's a great chance to make friends for life.

In fact if you're able to - how about going with a friend?  I don't recommend going with a "new-found friend" from the bars because she might not even be able to swim.

In any case we all wish you happy diving!

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