Songkran In Pattaya
World Largest Water Festival

You have to see it to believe it...

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Songkran in Pattaya:  a week of total

 • madness

 • fun

 • party

and at least one ocean of water at this unforgettable 'water festival' in Pattaya.

Prepare for the largest water festival (water battle) on planet earth.

If you stay the whole 7 days in Pattaya be prepared to be drenched for 7 days.

Needless to say - if you have a water allergy then stay away from Pattaya.

Many expats who like the quiet use this time of the year to take a vacation.

Check out a video and images of a typical Pattaya Songkran

What You'll Need

songkran in pattaya
  • common sense
  • a lot of humor
  • under water camera
  • water tight watches
  • waterproof mobile phone
  • 2 sets of light clothing
  • hotel room booked in advance
  • ear muffs (if allergic to loud music)
  • condoms if applicable (also called rain coats)
  • zipper bags to protect all items from the water that are dear to you

No need to get mad if anything gets wet that you don't want to get wet. Just put it in zipper bags and you don't have to worry.

If you want to take pictures bring an under water camera.

What To Do and Not To Do

What To Do

  • have Fun
  • have fun
  • join in the fun
  • ...have more fun

What Not To Do

  • ice throwing
  • usage of dirty water
  • usage of dangerous water guns
  • throwing water at someone riding a motorbike
  • losing your common sense under the influence of alcohol

Most Important Thai Holiday

Sonkran is the most important holiday for most Thais. More than any other holiday and many Thais go home to celebrate with their families.

This is the holiday where people ask their employers for more time off work to celebrate (unless they work for the government)

Rest be assurred though - Pattaya is packed with people and of course the beautiful bar ladies (or ladyboys for that matter) of Pattaya.

Pattaya's Songkran celebrations start off gradually from the 13th and end on the evening of the 19th. Theoretically.

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