Is Thai International Airlines Worth Taking To Get To Pattaya?

Debating if you should take Thai International Airlines to Pattaya?

thai international airlines

Anybody who ever flew Thai airways international will agree that it is one of the best airlines and the airline was awarded by Skytrax 'Worlds Best Cabin Staff and The Best Airline in the World' in 2006.

In fact - in 2007 Thai Air was second place "Airline of the Year".

Thai airways international’'s first class lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport was awarded World's Best First Class Lounge by Skytrax in 2009 (enjoy yourself before your flight too!) ;-)

"Why Take Thailand Airlines?"

Personally every time I've flown them I've enjoyed the service.  One Swiss pilot friend of mine here tells me that they're currently #2 in the world and will always be top notch.

Not to mention the beautiful air stewardesses who wait on you and make sure your flight is comfortable.  The best part is that - if you're like me - you're all excited about going to Thailand.

Why wait until you get there to enjoy Thai hospitality and smiles?  You can experience it during your long flight too!

That being said - Thai Airways International's destinations are worldwide but has terminated some destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.  So make sure you can even fly on them...

"Thai Air Takes Care of Your Flight...But What About Afterwards?"

What's more important than how you're getting to Pattaya - where are you staying once you arrive?  I recommend preparing yourself before you arrive by checking out some expat condos here. 

Get yourself a nice place to stay and that way you can have a more worry-free flight.  I know that I sleep better on the plane when I know that everything is taken care of.

Have a safe flight!

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