Thai Pop Music
Thai Pop and International Thai Music

String, Indie (independent music), or Thai Pop Music as it is also referred to started becoming popular in Thailand in the 90s

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Musicians like

 • Bird Thongchai McIntyre

 • Asanee-Wasan

 • Tata Young

and others who started imitating western bands.

Loso is still today one of the most famous Rock musicians of Thailand.

Seksan Sukpimay aka Loso singer,guitarist and composer of the Thai Rock Band 'Sek Loso'.

The rock band came together in the 1990s in Bangkok, Thailand.

The name Loso is a word play on hi-so or high society - Thai slang of the upper class/high society.

In 2003 Loso broke up with Sek Loso and Sek Loso became a solo act.

Other Musicians who appeared as well in the International Stage floodlights include, Carabao who became popular in the 1980s by including nationalistic elements in his lyrics.

Pongsit Kamphee and Caravan drew large audiences with the "songs of life" or phleng pheua chiwit.

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