Thai Soapy Massage
Thailand Nude Massage

Customers visiting Thai soapy massage parlors are mostly Thais and Asian tourists.

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If you are visiting Bangkok you will be approached (sooner or later) by

 • a taxi driver

 • a Tuk Tuk driver or

 • street touts

who want to take you to a Thai nude massage parlor.

The Tuk Tuk drivers will receive a commission and they can be very pushy too.

They want to make sure they are present when you decide to stay in one of these Thai massage places.

Who knows?

You might even choose a Thai Lady that tickles your fancy.

thai soapy massage

In these massage parlors you will find Thai women (maybe 20-100) behind a glass wall, also called "fish bowls or fish tanks".

The women are wearing a number which is attached to the little they are wearing. 

Then the visitor chooses a woman that tickles his fancy by telling the Mamasan or Papasan what number (woman) he likes.

Some of these "soapy massage parlors" can also be found in Pattaya.

The most popular are Sabailand, Sabai Dee Massage, and Sabai Dee Room.

Wonder what the experience is like? 

What Getting a Thai Soapy Is Like

Once you've decided on a place and go in - you'll be shocked at what you'll see.  You'll find many women sitting down and between you and them is a glass wall.  Some will be sitting down while others will be standing.  Some will be putting on make up and others will be watching television.

A waiter will greet you and will ask you to sit down (and observe.)  You'll be given a menu from which you can choose a drink.  Enjoy your drink and look at the women.   Did one tickle your fancy?  Tell the waiter which 'number' you like and you'll be given a ticket.

Price-wise it will vary depending on "how pretty" the girl is.  Usually the prices are between 1000 to 3000 baht depending on the girl. 

Chosen Your Girl?  Enjoy Your Massage

Believe it or not but you will actually get a Thai soapy massage. Your girl will take you to a private room with a bed (yes, a bed) and a bath/shower area.  She'll wash you in the bathtub first. 

Then she'll ask for you to lie down on the mattress.  She'll give you a massage and ask you to just...relax.  Once that's done you can always ask for a more 'personal' massage.  It might cost extra but that's up to you.

Did You Have Fun?

These massage parlors are always fun to experience.  Granted you might or might not like the experience.  I recommend going with a friend the first time - it's always fun to share a story together afterwards and compare the 'experience'. 

In any case - have a fun and check out other fun things to do in Pattaya.

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