Which Thai Traditional
Music Do You Like?

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Thai Traditional Music, Music from Isaan and modern music and dances.

If you enjoy Thai Music and Dances I am sure you will find pleasure in watching the videos on this page.

Enjoy and come back again. I will be updating this page periodically so you get more out of it.

If you're up for it - you can even sing along!

The first one is by
Tai Oratai Huk Mah Tae Chart Gaun

Thai music by Tai Oratai kho kee ru kaw

The "Fawn Tian" or Candle Dance

Dressed in full-length sarongs and jackets with matching shoulder cloth, the female dancers wear floral headpieces and hold the candles between thumb and forefinger.

The movement is gentle and slow with short steps and stately swaying of the shoulders and upper torso. This dance is held at night and the slow graceful movement of the dancers with the candle flames flickering gently in the sway is a hypnotic and mesmerizing show.

Mai Charoenpura - Siam Murng Yim

This video and song are from Mai Charoenpura's fourth album of Pumpuang Duangchan songs. Besides being a nice cover of the luk thung classic "Nak Rong Baan Nok," the video is a tribute to Pumpuang's early rise to fame.

Thailand Singer 'Noon'

Rachinee Lukthung Pumpuang Duangchan
Joob laaw lah

4 Region Thai Dances:

  • Northern Thailand Dance
  • Southern Thailand Dance
  • Northeast Thailand Dance Isaan
  • Central Thailand Dance

Any Traditional Thai Music You Liked?

Was there any song you liked out of those above?  Some are more cultural while others are more 'pop'.  In any case in Pattaya you can expect to hear these songs from time to time. 

Impress the local Thai women by being able to sing along to the chorus (if you can do the whole song, I'll be impressed!)


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