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Interact with this Thailand big map to find your way across Siam (another name for it.)

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This is a name infused with memories of

 • kings

 • festivals

 • ceremonies

 • golden temples

 • gracious people and a laid back lifestyle.

Thailand with a land area equivalent to the size of France and a population of more than 60 million.

Over 2600 km of coastline, beautiful and abundant national parks, approximately 95 % of the Thai people are Buddhists.

Laos and Burma border it to the North.  Cambodia and Laos border it to the East. The Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia border it to the South. 

It is truly the heart of Southeast Asia.

Where Will You Be Going?

Did you find where you wanted to go?  If you're looking to go to Pattaya you can check out this detailed Pattaya map.  How will you travel around the country?  Will you be doing a car rental?  Or will you take advantage of the cheap flights you can take from Bangkok?

In any case - safe travels across the land of smiles!

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