Thailand Tourist Attractions
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Getting ready to enjoy amazing Thailand tourist attractions?

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Sure you can check out some of the islands and temples.

You've probably seen pictures and have heard about how beautiful the places are.

It's just as vital to know what you need to bring with you.

Going to a new country is always an adventure - tourist spots even more so.

So what 5 things do we recommend you bring with you before you venture to these tourist attractions?

Bring with you

 • extra small money

 • internet

 • a plastic bag

 • mosquito repellant

 • water

Get into why these items are so vital for you to enjoy your travel in this part of the world.

Enjoy Thailand Tourist Attractions With These 5 items

So why do we recommend these specific items?  After touring the country and living in Thailand for a while I've noticed myself and my friends have a much better time when when we had

Extra Small Money - whatever amount of money you think you'll need when going on that tour - double it.  You'll want to "check out a certain restaurant" on the way.  You'll want to "rent a scooter".  You didn't expect the prices to be so high (for tourists.)  You will get scammed. 

In any case bring small change.  Buy some water at the nearest convenience store with your 1000 baht notes.  They'll give you small change (100 baht to 20 baht notes) which you want to put in a spare pocket and use first.


That way when you buy or rent things at these tourist attractions the locals won't think you have a lot of money (less chance of scamming.)  Also most places "won't have change" so you can bypass that with smaller bills.

Also have small coins.  If you'll ever want to go to the bathroom in these places you'll need small coins.  1 baht to 5 baht coins should be fine.

Get Internet - in Thailand now you can easily get a 3g wireless sim card for your smart phone.  I recommend getting one at the convenience store (costs 500 baht for the whole setup.) 

That way when you travel around you can use Google maps and know where you are at all times.  This saved me from a potential tuk tuk scam where the driver was taking me the wrong way than I wanted.

You can also more easily communicate directions to your taxi driver and/or show a police officer so that he/she can help you find your way.

A Plastic Bag - Have a plastic bag where you can put your extra things.  If you go to one of the beaches you'll want to go for a swim.  Put your spare things in the plastic bag.  It'll less likely be stolen's a plastic bag (locals don't think it has much value as say an expensive Gucci bag.) 

Have trash and don't want to litter?  Put it in the plastic bag. It'll be a useful tool for when you go around these Thailand tourist attractions.  Again you can get one at a convenience store when you buy the water with the 1000 baht bills.

One of Bangkok's Many Temples

thailand tourist attractions

Pattaya - An 'infamous' Tourist City

thailand tourist attractions pattaya

Mosquito Repellant - Do you get bit a lot?  Put a lot of repellant on you.  You can buy small amounts at the convenience store.  Choose the one with artificial scents to make sure you smell good at the same time.  It will be a life saver in Thailand's outdoor attractions and beaches!  Another life saver...

Water - no matter how many glasses you drank of water - you'll want an extra water bottle with you. 

The Land of Smiles is also the Land of Sweats.  You'll get hot fast and you'll want to stay hydrated.  Not only that but if you have an empty water bottle you'll also have a portable bathroom should you be in an emergency.

What Else Is There To Do?

Tired of visiting temples and beaches?  Check out some of these other things you can enjoy.

For one thing there's a lot of fun to be had if you like scuba diving.  Of if you'd rather have nice seafood you can always check out the fishing in Pattaya.

Go golfing in this tropical paradise too.  Here's a list of the best Pattaya golf resorts and courses for you to explore.

Get The Right Information

Wherever you decide to go make sure your up-to-date on the Thailand tourist information and have the right numbers in your phone (even before you go.)

Rest easy - the Land of Smiles really is an amazing place to visit.  You'll have fun touring the country and all it has to offer.  Granted it's always better to be prepared and in-the-know.

In any case - have a safe trip here!

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