"Thailand Tourist Visa on Arrival?"

Do You Need A Thailand Tourist Visa or Are You Exempt On Arrival?

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Most visitors coming to the Kingdom on vacation do not need to apply for the right documents for the Kingdom and will receive a 30 day visa on arrival which is really an "Exemption".

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thailand travel visa

The Thailand Visa Requirements have changed again in December of 2008. Most foreign nationals will only receive a 30 day "Documentation on Arrival" when entering the Kingdom by air. You also have to make sure that your country of origin is on the list of the exempt countries.

30 Day Arrival Exemptions Now Only 15 Days.

Please Note...

12/15/2008 Thai Immigration announced documents regulation change. This new regulation is regarding overland entries.

Foreigners entering the 'Land of Smiles' without the right documentation via overland border checkpoints from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar will only be granted 15 days on arrival.

The exception to the new regulation is Malaysian passport holders who will continue to receive 30 days without obtaining a travel document prior to entering the Kingdom.

Proper documentation holders to the Kingdom visiting Thailand via overland border checkpoints will not be affected and will continue receiving 60 or 90 days depending on the document.

thailand travel visa
thailand travel visa

Visitors entering the Kingdom by Air at an international airport will continue to receive 30 days without obtaining the correct documentation beforehand.

Extensions for the 15 and 30 day exemption will continue to be only 7 days and can be obtained at any local Immigration office.

These changes are an attempt to encourage foreigners visiting and wishing to spend a long time in the Kingdom to obtain the documents prior to visiting. They have to be applied for outside the borders at a Royal Thai Embassy.

Planning on Staying for Longer in Kingdom?

Make sure to read up on the Thailand Visa Requirements if you plan on staying longer in the Kingdom. Unfortunately the requirements are fairly confusing but need to be understood

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