Get a Visa For Thailand

Going to the Land of Smiles and want to know if you need a visa for Thailand?

This Kingdom is among the most popular expat destinations in the world.

The immigration office is strict on who is allowed and who's not.

Did you book your ticket already?

Let's make sure you're allowed to come in the country and for how long.

After that let's look at your other options depending on your goals and length of stay.

Do You Need a Visa For Thailand?

Depending on your nationality you can come to the country with a visa exemption.  That's when you don't need a visa for Thailand.  If you're lucky and you only plan on staying less than a month then you should be fine (if you have a return ticket too.)

What if you want to stay longer?  Maybe you're thinking about retiring in Siam.  If that's the case then it's important to know the Thailand visa requirements depending on your circumstances.

Find out also how to go about getting the right documents.

How To Get a Thai Visa

Check the current requirements for coming to Thailand.  A reality here is that the regulations change a lot.  To keep things simple be sure to stay current with what the Thai government says

Find the nearest Thai embassy near you.  Depending on where you live you'll find Thailand embassy that provides visas that's close by.  If you don't live near one then I recommend spending a few days in the place it's in.  Whichever visa you choose it will take 2-5 business days for your visa to be ready.

Have the proper documentation.  This is important.  Unfortunately what the government says you need and what the office person at the embassy says you need can be different.  That's why make sure you always have with you 

 • a photocopy of your passport (with at last 6 months validity on the passport)

 • passport photos

 • extra money to pay for some unmentioned expense (in smaller bills in case the office person doesn't have change)

 • patience

Whatever happens stay calm and collected.  Avoid this visa run mistake from Pattaya that happens all too often.

In Thailand what gets done is based on personal relationships more than on rules.  So keep the office person happy and she'll smoothly run your paperwork.  

If you want you can greet her politely by putting your hands together and bowing (called a 'wai'.)  This can give you a good impression.

So once you have your visa...what next?

Have Fun in Thailand!

Once you have the proper visa and you're about to board that plane to Bangkok - rest easy.  Enjoy yourself and everything will be smooth sailing. 

Once you arrive at Bangkok you will go through immigration easily.  Make sure you keep the departure card you'll get from them.

Safe travels!

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