Walking Street Pattaya
Thailand Is Vibrant And Wild

Check out the infamous "Walking Street Pattaya" in Thailand.

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This street is the most famous nightlife tourist attraction in Pattaya.

Tourists love it.

Thailand expats avoid it.

Other parts of Thailand try to copy it (to little or no effect)

What is it about this street that captivates us?

After all - many people convert to becoming expats here because of it.

What does it have that's so appealing? 

Let's find out!

What Makes Pattaya Walking Street So Appealing

walking street pattaya

This street is packed with

  • go-go bars

 • discos

 • beer bars

  • massage parlors,

These are just a few of the 'naughty' things in this part of town.  Sure you can find these kinds of places elsewhere in the world but...they don't have what I like to call: The Pattaya Flair.

So what else can you find in this place?  You also see:

 • Pattaya girls

 • show girls

 • ladyboys

 • freelancers

...you name it, it's all here in 1 street and its sois (alleys).

Let's say you want something a bit more 'laid back'...can you find it?  You bet!  You'll also find

 • restaurants

 • hookah bars

 • outdoor music scenes

 • outdoor entertainment

There's everything here that can please you.  These venues are also very close by one another.  This makes it even more appealing.  Want to see something 'naughty'?  Just walk for 2 minutes and you'll find a place that suits you.  Rather chill out to some good Thai food?  Walk another 2 minutes and you'll find something good to eat too!

Walking Street and Soi 11, Pattayaland 1, 2 and 3 down past soi 7 and 8. There has to be the highest concentration of

 • bars and discos

 • massage parlors

 • beer bars

 • ladyboys

of any place in the world.

What Are You Hoping To Find On This Street?

Like many people there is something in particular we are wanting to experience on this street.  Rest easy knowing that you'll find it...no matter how much on the 'wild side' it is.

The best part is that whatever happens on Walkin street Pattaya stays there.

So have fun!

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