"Are Women In Pattaya
After Your Money?"

Concerned that the women in Pattaya you talk to just want your money? 

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Not all women here are interested in your wallet...but many are.

The information on this page is not to generalize.

I'm also not saying that all women here, are as described as on this page.

It isn’t a secret that many men come here to find Thai women.

Some just want to fool around.

Others want to fool around a little bit...and then others actually find a girlfriend or wife.

"Sex Equals Money"

Just as most men come here for sex, so do many women come here….  Only they don't come come for sex…...but for money. It's obvious enough that this is why this city has a reputation as a sex tourist destination.

Women of Pattaya

women of pattaya

More Pattaya Women

pattaya women

Subsequently, all men living in, retiring to or visiting this city are all called sex tourists. People just like to put other people into boxes. In many cases nothing could be further from the truth but this page is about “women in Pattaya” and we will leave that open to another discussion.

I Love Your Money

Okay - one more time: most women who come to this city are here to make money. That does not always mean that they all will work in the adult oriented entertainment industry. It really isn’t that difficult to understand this since everyone who needs to work for money works for money.

But yes, many come to work in bars, gogo bars, massage parlors (and not all are of the “naughty” kind), and sell their companionship and/or body for the God of today’s world… M-O-N-E-Y.

"In God we trust" so it says on the US dollar bills.

"Me Love You Long Time"

Some women of Pattaya are extremely good at extracting the “God of today’s world” out of men’s wallets. They don’t stop at a monetary exchange for time and services provided; they actually make some men believe that they love them.

I am not saying that love can'’t happen, but love is a big word and it is mind bugling to see grown up men fall for the simplest tricks that some women use.

Become A Sponsor

Some men become, what is called a sponsor, which means nothing more then a poor sucker who sends money, usually via Western Union, to his new found Thai love while He works abroad. Actually it is amazing the amounts some of these “poor suckers” send their “love”. They usually don’t have a clue how much an average working person makes a month in Thailand.

How Much Are You Sending Her?

To put that into perspective, a teacher makes somewhere around 30,000 baht a month. A cop maybe earns 10,000.

A full time maid may only make 6000 Baht working 6 days a week 10 hours a day. These are general figures but should give those guys a clue that are sending a girl in Thailand 40,000 Baht a month.

I am not exactly sure what happens to some men when they come here. It must be a mixture of the tropical climate, beer, Thai food, and beauty that makes some lose their common sense.

Love Letters From Pattaya

I met a guy here once who used to be short on money years ago, so he started a translation business for Pattaya working girls. He translated love letters from Thai into English or German.

Sometimes they would tell him to write whatever it takes to get the guy or guys to send more money. He would receive a 20% commission of whatever she would receive. Not my kind of business but I am sure he didn’'t make that up.

There Are Happy Stories...Maybe Yours Would Be One Too?

Long time residents or expats here have many stories to tell, either from first hand experience or from observation.

If you happen to meet one you may want to listen to some of the stories, and there are many stories. You actually may also hear some of the great stories because not all women in Pattaya are out to turn you into a walking ATM machine.

Not all Pattaya girls are like this and many are real and very sweet beings, but I thought this page may save some of you guys out there a heart breaking and expensive experience.

This also holds true for the ones who are into the "girls who were boys", also referred to as Ladyboys or Katoey in Pattaya.

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