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Thinking of staying at the Sabai Empress Hotel Pattaya? 

It's a very nice place and so far people are saying good things about it.

But is it really a nice hotel? 

Or is there just hype?

In any case you'll get a quick overview of the place and if it's the right Pattaya hotel for you.

Sabai Empress Hotel Pattaya Pros and Cons

It has a great location - When I say 'great' I mean that it's a few minutes walk to Pattaya beach.  In fact it's right next to the Big C shopping center.

This is important for

 • if you want to go shopping for anything and

 • to give your motorcycle taxi driver easier directions (or at least to not look like a tourist)

You also have baht buses and bars nearby.  You can more than easily have a fun night out and come back safe and sound.

So in terms of convenience you're all set!  What other benefits does this Thailand hotel have for you?

It has Wifi - This will be important if you work online or if you're an internet fan like myself.  I don't know about you but I personally feel isolated when I don't have internet available...especially fast internet.  If you stay at this hotel you can rest easy about your internet speed and availability.

So what are the cons?  The only one that comes to mind is that it costs 1000 baht a night.  This isn't really a drawback but I have to put something!

Why is this it? 

Because I must admit I'm a fan of this place.  So if you're coming to stay a few nights in Pattaya go to this hotel!

Staying in Pattaya Longer?

Whether you fall in love with Pattaya (hopefully not in Pattaya) or have already decided to stay longer - check out these expat condos. You can choose between a variety of condos that suit your tastes and budget.  You can also decide if you want one for a month or a year.

In any case - have fun in Pattaya! ;-)

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