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hotels in phuket


hotels in phuket

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hotels in phuket

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hotels in phuket

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Best Way To Getting a Room in Phuket

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Decide on your ideal type of beach.  Whether you'd rather stay at the tourist beach in Patong or the relaxing beach at Rayong - it's good to choose first. 

You can also rent a scooter cheaply (the coast of the island is a beautiful and simple ride.)

Book in advance only for the first few days. If you've never been to this island I'd recommend getting a hotel room for the first day.  From there you can explore the place and find another cheaper/better room.  There is plenty of accommodation on the island.

Consider a bungalow.  Instead of getting a room you can instead get a bungalow.  There are plenty of those as well and at good prices.  This is where I stayed when I was in Phuket.

Have fun in Phuket, Thailand!

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