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Ask a Thai and she will tell you that there are 3 types of Pattaya weather:

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 • hot

 • hotter and

 • hottest

Thailand's Weather is best described as a tropical humid and dry climate.

The north of Thailand has a dry season as well which is roughly from November through May.

The south of Thailand has really only 2 seasons wet/rainy and dry.

Even in the beginning of November it can still rain in Pattaya.

Usually it rains for about 30 minutes but when it comes down it comes down.

The sun chases away the rain afterwards.

You can expect the Pattaya weather pattern to be unpredictable at times.

Get Ready For The Rain

pattaya weather

Notice a few dark clouds on the horizon?

I recommend getting your shopping done quickly. 

Once the clouds start coming over you it's a good time to stay indoors. 

It's even just about the downpours. 

Once the sun comes out again you'll be faced with flooded roads.

In fact there's no way you'll be able to walk out without getting soaked.

Even if you ride a scooter or a baht bus - you can expect some splashing.

Granted the sun dries the water quickly enough (the same day usually.)

You can avoid that by checking the weekly forecast as part of your morning routine.   You'll spare yourself the drenching and can take advantage of the sunny days!

Divide The Seasons Into The Following

  • warm and dry-November to February
  • hot and humid-March to May
  • hot and rainy-June to October

The ideal time to visit Thailand is between early November and the end of February. The Monsoon rainy season has passed, and temperatures range from 68F - 91F. Over Christmas and New year is the main high season and booking Pattaya Accommodation in advance is a good idea.

Following the ideal months noted above, Thailand has almost continuous sunshine from March through mid May. The monsoon season is from June through October and you can expect to see a lot of this:

pattaya weather

During the Monsoon season the weather is uncertain and alternates between thunderstorms and clear blue skies.

Note:  There are advantages when you are traveling to Pattaya Thailand during the monsoon season:

  • you avoid high prices
  • less crowded places
  • transportation is less crowded.

Pattaya meaning the -south-west monsoon wind- and is pronounced -Putt-tuh-yah-. Pattaya in Thailand ranks as one of the most successful beach resorts in the world.  Check out this Pattaya map and find out how big it is (the page opens in a new window.)

Notice how it extends from Naklua bay to Jomtien bay!

Decide When To Come

Tourists from all over the world travel to Pattaya with increasing numbers of tourists coming from the former Soviet Union, Russia and East Asia.  Pattaya weather plays a big role in this.

During the Low Season months you'll have more rain but cheaper prices.  During the High Season months you'll get better climate but more tourists.  In fact - make sure you have a place to stay before it gets all booked up.  

If a condominium is what you're looking for then check out Expat Condos.  You'll find a big variety of places to choose from.  Check out some of the tour videos - it'll feel like you're already here!

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