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Pattaya Information And True Rumors:

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It's not a Rumor - It's true.

This city was built on

 • sex tourism,

 • skin trade and

 • meat trade

Below is a picture of Walking Street, taken in 1980.

When you think about what it looks like now it's amazing at how it's changed!

What's even more incredible is how the place keeps booming.

We can look at it today and in twenty years what we'll see will be even more spectacular.

Or you can get practical information about the city.

pattaya information walking street

A City is Born...

In the 1960's Pattaya was just a small fishing village in Thailand, on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The 1960s brought changes to the village as American servicemen started coming during the time of the Vietnam War.

The small fishing village rapidly grew a reputation as a City in which you could find anything you were looking for in the way of "Rest and Relaxation" and one might say in the way of 'Rock and Roll' as well.

Because of its convenient accessibility from Bangkok and Bangkok Airport, Pattaya remains one of Thailand's most popular weekend and holiday getaways for Bangkok's residents and tourists alike.

Getting to Pattaya from the Airport by Air-Con Bus or by Taxi is a breeze these days!

Pattaya 1960s

pattaya in the 1960s

Pattaya Today

pattaya information skyline today

Pattaya Information on This Famous City

Pattaya is a "new" and "modern" city compared to many other cities in Thailand.

Only a little over 40 years from a small Fishermen's village to a full blown Thailand's number one tourist vacation destination.

The city may lack the ancient buildings and temples that other older cities in Thailand offer, but it certainly is an interesting melting pot with all it's "new" foreign and Thai residents.

Pattaya Beach 1960's

pattaya beach 1960s

Pattaya City 1960's

pattaya city 1960's

"It's all About The Money?"

In the 1960's when American Warships came into Pattaya bay, loaded with hundreds if not thousands of war tired and exhausted American Servicemen, the then non existent City of Pattaya became quickly known in Thailand.

Thai Girls from all over the country, yet particularly the poor northeast - Isaan - came to meet the American soldiers and their American dollars.  This gave birth to the infamous Thailand sex trade and industry.

In 2009

Pattaya today

In the 1960's

Pattaya information 40 years ago

The Thai Girls knew when the ships were coming in and would sleep on the beaches to wait for the servicemen.

Needless to say that the American servicemen weren't just tired and exhausted from fighting a senseless war in Vietnam, but they were also sex starved.

No wonder this little Village quickly grew into what it is today. Did you consider buying a bicycle and going around the city?

Pattaya Today

Today the City boasts with an array of places worth going to.  Be sure to check out some of the Pattaya forums that can get your 'curious' questions answered.

Pattaya has a large number of vacationers from all of Europe, America, Australia, Asia and in recent years more and more from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Single (or single enough) seek out Pattaya information to enjoy the Nightlife the City offers (as long as you mind your health in Thailand). This place has also become a destination for couples and families in recent years as well.

There are more than 20 of the finest golf courses available within a one hour drive of the City. Pattaya's Accommodations range from simple guesthouses to 5 Star Luxury Hotels and superb resorts.

Planning a vacation to this part of the world?  This city would definitely make a good place to go. With the variety of things to do in Pattaya you will certainly have a vacation out of the ordinary.

Attention!  Most people fall in love with the city and return as soon as they can.

Will you too?  In any case make sure you get as much practical information about Thailand as possible. Get your Pattaya questions answered as well if you'd prefer.

Have fun!

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