Tips on How To Find Cheap
Flights To Thailand

Unsure about finding cheap flights to Thailand and you think it may be too expensive?

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It doesn't have to be that way.

Here are 3 tips to get you into Thailand as economically as possible.

The deals are out there if you know how and where to look.

In fact traveling around South-East Asia can be cheap.

You can even travel within Thailand if you're feeling adventurous!

First - let's look at how to find those special fares and how to make it work for you.

1. Compare Many Airlines And Routes

Just like any bargain and discount shopping, you will get the best results if you take the time to look around for cheap flights to Thailand.

Few markets have such a fast changing pace of price structures as the air travel market especially since the oil prices go up and down so drastically.

It will pay off to consider all your options and get as many quotes as possible, from as many agents as possible.

cheap flights to thailand

My favorite search site for finding cheap flights to Thailand: sometimes offers good deals and searches many airlines for the lowest price in seconds. This means you don't have to go to all these sites yourself. They have a lot of Thailand flights.

Orbitz offers a lot of flights to Thailand and they have usually the best deals around online. If you are from Africa, Australia, Asia, Russia or the Middle East you should still check out their site for cheap flights to Thailand.

2. Fly Outside High Season To Thailand

One way to find cheap flights to Thailand is booking/traveling to Thailand outside the tourist season. In "off season" everything is cheaper, e.g. hotels, resorts, rentals. The tourist high season is from end of November-April and it is also the season with the most comfortable wheather for Westerners.

The disadvantage of visiting Thailand during "off season" is that you may be visiting during the hottest season or the rainy season – here’s more about Thailand weather.

If you are unable to fly during off season there are still a number of little and less obvious changes that you might be able to make to your travel plans. These changes can help reduce your costs.

Usually you have more than one flight to choose from, pick one that leaves very early (or very late).

Fix the departure dates between Tuesday and Thursdays. These flights are less frequented and thus usually have a lower price tag then weekend flights. Then look at prices for alternative departure dates each of three days into the past and each of three days into the future.

Using the cheapest departure date, do the same with the return dates to find the cheapest combination.

cheap flights to thailand airport

3. Fly With Packages Or Tours

Travel agents buy flights in bulk and can get them a lot cheaper and of course earn money re-selling the flight tickets. Some agents also charter an airplane themselves sometimes (charter flights).

That’s why it may be a good way to save money by booking a tour or package with accommodation and flight included.

There is no obligation to stay with them and you can book another hotel or use their accommodation as a base for trips.

It does happen that the whole package is even cheaper than one ticket bought from an airline. You can sometimes even include car hire in one package which you may be able to get at a discount.

4. More Ways To Fly Cheap

1. Use credit cards with reward points for large personal or business expenses. Certain costs of living or business related costs are inevitable, so capitalize on them. Depending on the expenses you have this may get you at least one round trip ticket a year.

2. Purchase tickets three months or more in advance or purchase last minute, and aim for both departure and return flight between Tuesday and Thursday.

I am not a fan of long-term travel plans and it can get expensive if plans change, so I prefer buying my tickets in the last 3-6 days prior to my target departure date.  Not only that but maybe something will happen in the kingdom that will make flights cheap (or maybe not allowed!)

In any case - empty seats have a 0$ value as soon as the plane takes off. Real last minute seats are very cheap.

What To Do Once You Get To Bangkok

Be sure to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya as conveniently as possible.  Choose between a cheaper trip or a safer one.  In any case once in Thailand you're in a new world.  Follow the guidelines above and in this site to make sure you'll reach your vacation safe and sound.

Have fun!

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