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Want good hotels in Pattaya Thailand to choose from and how to get a good deal?

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No problem.

In fact you can use these tools no matter where you go in Thailand (or the world.)

I've spent more than 20 years traveling and going to hotels...this is what I've noticed.

First - here is a search page for those who are looking for

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This is the largest online search engine and will return with search results from more than 30 hotel booking sites.

hotels in thailand
hotels in thailand

The search engine below searches the 30 largest accommodation booking sites on the internet for Thailand Hotels and returns with all the prices for you.

There's always a hotel offering a special deal somewhere in Thailand!  Check out to find your desired Thailand accommodation.

On the new page you will find a list of the hotels with pricing, details and pictures. When you click on the hotel you want to know more about you will be taken to the booking site with the descriptions and pictures.

But how to get the best deal possible?

3 Quick Tips For Getting Good Deals

Reserve in advance online if you'll be coming sometime between December to February and on a weekend.  You won't find a room if you get here on foot.  This is the only time I recommend booking online for the whole trip.  I've been left outside on the street only to find a place 30 minutes away from the beach

Book for one day and ask for "wholesale package" on remainder days.  Depending on if you're staying during high season or low season you can get a discounted price on the online discounted price!  As you check in innocently ask "what are your deals if someone wants to stay (insert time here) instead of just one day?"

Remember - hotels want to be full.  If you can guarantee them a full room for a certain amount of time...they will give you a fair price.

Get a room on Soi Bukhao.  This road is 10 minutes from Beach road and has a lot of rooms.  They are much cheaper for now because most tourists don't know about this road.  You'll find hotels and guesthouses in Pattaya that are 20% to 30% cheaper than the ones on Beach Road.

In any case, whichever hotels in Pattaya Thailand you choose from - have a fun trip!

Staying Longer Than 30 Days?

If you're planning to stay longer than 30 days you might want to get a condo for the month.  You'll get a much better financial deal and have more variety to choose from.  Check out Expat Condos and the different places you can choose to rent (maybe own for your retirement.)

In any case - have fun in Thailand!

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