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Check out these diverse photos/images of Pattaya and get a glimpse of Paradise!

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Whether you're in Thailand or not - you'll find one that you can relate to.

In fact if you've been here before it might bring back memories (hopefully not the police station picture!)

Some of these Pattaya photos might make you want to come sooner.

Others will prepare you for what you're about to see. 

They'll all give you a point of reference for whether you

 • are curious about what life is like in Patts

 • want some points of reference for when you arrive

 • wish to have a nostalgic time (I know I do!)

In any case - enjoy them below and feel free to share them with your friends.

Photos of Pattaya

Toscana Trattoria Pizzeria

toscana trattoria pizzeria

Hard Rock Cafe on Beach Road

hard rock cafe pattaya

Police Station on  Beach Road

Police Station Pattaya

Dolphin Fountain on Beach Road

Dolphin Roundabout Pattaya

Some of the sights to see in the city on Beach Road.  Feel free to get some nice pizza.  Collect the Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya T-shirt at the Hard Rock.  You can also find the police station on this road.  Be sure to not make an 'involuntary' visit to the place though!

Mike Shopping Mall on Beach Rd

mike shopping mall pattaya

Royal Garden Plaza Beach Road

royal garden mall pattaya

Street Scene during The Day

images of pattaya street scene

Walking Street During The Day

images of pattaya walking street

Feel like shopping?  There's a clothing store near soi 14 Beach road called 'Mike Shopping'.  They've got cheap goods like clothing and electronics.  While you're at it feel free to get a glimpse of Walking Street during the day.

Fruit Stand on Pattaya Tai

fruit stand pattaya

Fruit Vendor in Naklua

busy fruit vendor pattaya

Green Tea Pub on Beach Road

green tea pub pattaya

Dolphin Round- about in Naklua

dolphin roundabout in Pattaya Naklua

Are you hungry?  Enjoy some of the fruits and other healthy treats to keep your health clean.  There's also a nice pub in the city to counter the health also.

Bad Guys Go To Heaven T-Shirt

bad guys go to heaven pattaya

Fried Chicken on Naklua Road

fried chicken pattaya

Substitute Gas Station

pattaya gas station

Cheap "One Dollar" Dish

cheap food pattaya

Feel free to get a the infamous 'Bad Guys Go To Pattaya' T-shirt. It's been overdone here in this city but it's always fun to wear back home...especially if no one knows about Pattaya or where it is! 

Still hungry?  Enjoy some friend chicken or other cheap street foods.  Tastes delicious!

"Boyz Town" Entrance

images of pattaya boyz town entrance

Carrefour Shopping Center

carrefour shopping pattaya klang

New Building With Bamboo

images of pattaya new building

Walking Street Entrance

images of pattaya walking street entrance

More things to explore in the city.  Yes there is a Carrefour in Pattaya.  Surprisingly it's quite a landmark for locals and expats alike.

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Check out more pictures on the links below.  Have fun!

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