Are Pattaya Beach Girls...The Real Reason For Going To The Beach?

Do Pattaya beach girls make the beach more 'interesting'?

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It is not the most beautiful one in Thailand no matter what any travel agency wants to make you believe.

It is not known to be the cleanest one in Thailand either.

Thailand has countless more beautiful beaches than this one.

...but that isn't why most people come to Pattaya.

It's not for the sand and water although it is nicer to have them than not.

So why do most people hang out on that road?

One of The Most Attractive Reasons - Pattaya Beach Girls

pattaya beach girls

Pattaya beach girls, and I am assuming that's why most guys come to Pattaya.  Avoid the sun at all cost and you will very rarely see them play in the sand and sun.

It's too bad because you can enjoy

 • Jet skiing

 •speed boats

 • Para-sailing

 • wind-surfing

and any water sport you may be able to think of.  Since it's one of Thailand's oldest vacation destination there is absolutely no lack of activities.

Vendors are offer their products from fresh fruits to fried chicken.

Care about a tattoo on the beach? Definitely the place where you want to know 3 words in Thai "Mai ao krap" The polite way of saying "No thank you".

More At Pattaya Beach

This strip is a 4 kilometer long thin stretch of land.

Along it is busy Pattaya Beach Road with

  • Hotels

 • Bars

 • Go Go bars

 • Restaurants

 • Shopping centers

and since January 23rd of 2009 - you also have one of the largest shopping centers in Asia.

This huge shopping paradise is called Central Festival and is absolutely amazing and a dream come true for every professional shopping mallhead.

Whenever I get the chance I avoid shopping as much as Thai people try to avoid being out in the sun.  Although it's a trip up 6 floors in the glass elevator or lift you do get to enjoy the view of the Beach and Pattaya Bay.  The sunsets are gorgeous!

Pattaya Beach sunset

the pattaya beach sunset

Pattaya Beach Girls Hanging out

pattaya beach freelancers

The strip is filled with deck chairs and umbrellas. Great to sit in the shade under a sun umbrella during the day, have a drink and watch the action on this action packed place.

During low tide, take a walk and look at Pattaya from the seaside. Sunsets can be a spectacle here and there are always some deck chairs to

 • relax in

 • watch the sunset or

 • get in touch with your romantic side and enjoy the show with your companion

Paid companionship can be found along here and the road just about any time of the day and night.

It does get a little sleazier the closer to Walking Street you go. It's an area where Freelancer Prostitutes and Johns meet. If that is your cup of tea - most of the freelancers can be found between Pattaya Central where the dolphin fountain is and walking street.

Pattaya Beach road can be a very busy road.

Traffic can be fast and plenty but nonetheless it is a very interesting place. A lot of action on

 • the beach

 • the promenade

 • the road

 • and the side shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, condominiums and shopping malls.

A great place for people watching from anywhere.

What if You'd Rather See The Quieter Side of Pattaya?


A quieter, cleaner and a more family-friendly place can be found at Jomtien beach.

You have all the water sport activities and it's less crowded. 

It's fourteen kilometer long and the further east you go the quieter it is.

Jomtien is more of a residential area.

Along Jomtien Beach Road there are

 • bungalow complexes 

 • shops

 • condominium complexes

 • beach side hotels and

 • restaurants

Of course here you have vendors offering their goods and services on the beach as well. From tattoos and massages to fried chicken and fresh fruits.

They are offering their services and products and when you get hungry or want a foot massage on the beach; it's great to be able to take advantage of their services.

You have everything in Jomtien that Pattaya Beach has to offer, but definitely a better choice for Families with kids. You also have the Water Park here in Jomtien. You can't miss it since it is the largest landmark and the Pattaya Park Tower stands 56-story tall. The Water Park is part of that complex.

In Jomtien there is also Dongtan Beach....known as the "gay beach".  There is also another place called Naklua beach.  It Neighbors Jomtien beach and is generally cleaner.  It is also more suitable for families.

This side of Pattaya is also quieter and more relaxing.

In any case you're bound to find one that suits you. 

Have fun!

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