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These images of Pattaya Beach Road have been taken in September 2008.

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It was raining about every other day but it's not too hot.

A great time since there were so few tourists.

On weekends you always have Thai people from Pattaya and surroundings and from Bangkok visiting Pattaya and Jomtien.

This road is a very interesting stretch of

 • Road

 • Beach

 • Promenade.

Thailand has many more beautiful beaches than this one but not every beach has the amount of

 • entertainment venues

 • shopping malls

 • restaurants

 • hotels

as Pattaya offers.

For families I would suggest Naklua or Pattaya Jomtien beach.

On this Promenade the numbers of freelancer prostitutes seems to have increased. Most of these girls are waiting for customers between Central Pattaya and Walking Street.

Enjoy the pictures.

Click on the images to see larger versions.

Pictures of The Beach

statue on Pattaya beach road

One of the many statues along the promenade on Beach Road.

Somebody found a bed partner there.

Pattaya Beach from Walking Street

Looking at Pattaya Beach from the beginning of the Beach close to Walking Street.

Like every day there are many Deck chairs and tables

Beer Garden and Restaurant - Great place to unwind!

The Beer Garden at the very end of Pattaya Beach on the east side.

You can enter the beer Garden from Beach Road close to Walking Street entrance.

Pattaya Beach Boats To Ride

View of Pattaya Beach from Pattaya Beach. Looking at Naklua in the back.

Boats are for hire here for day trips, wakeboarding, parasailing and any other water sport activity.

Pattaya City Sign

Hardly anybody on the beach in September.

In the back you see the huge sign of Pattaya City.

Naklua view

Looking at Naklua.

There are an estimated 5000 condominiums being build in Pattaya at the present time.

Longtail boat on the beach

An older longtail boat anchored at Pattaya beach.

Maybe the owner is taking a break?  Perhaps you can hire it for the day.

Pattaya Water Tower

In the back you can see the Pattaya Water Tower.

Deck chairs, tables and boat are waiting to greet you if you want to take a quick break.

Pattaya beach road view

Another view of the promenade at Pattaya Beach Road.

Plenty of photo-taking opportunities with the 'Pattaya City' sign or the island.

Pictures of The Road

Pattaya Walking Street

Looking at Walking Street during daytime when traffic is allowed on Walking Street.

From evening until the next morning Walking Street is closed to vehicles.

Pattaya Police Station along the beach road

Pattaya Police station on Beach Road and Soi 9.

Hopefully you won't need them but now you know where they are located.

pattaya beach boat

Large Long Tail Boat anchored at Pattaya Beach.

And yet another boat owner taking a little break.   The heat of Thailand sure makes you want to rest.

View of Pattaya Beach Road

View of the road from the beach.

This road is a one way road from west to east. rented too.

Royal Garden Plaza you can spot on the road

Pattaya Beach Road Entrance of Royal Garden Plaza.

Great shopping here...especially the bookstore. Ripley's is on the 4th floor.

pattaya beach road 11

Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya City.

Beach Road entrance.

Another great shopping mall in Pattaya.

view of beach road from the opposite side

View of Pattaya Beach Road from opposite the promenade.

This Road can be very busy during high traffic hours.

Hard Rock Cafe on Beach Road

Hard rock Cafe and Hard Rock Hotel on Beach Road.

You can always "get the T-shirt" if that's something you're into. 

food vendor on Beach road

Food vendor on Beach Road Promenade counting his eggs or taking a break.

Eggs and Peanuts that you can get at a good deal.  Granted you can't be too sure of the quality...

Dolphin Fountain

Dolphin Fountain at Central Pattaya and Beach Road.

This is pretty much the middle of Beach Road.

Thai Airways Office

This is the beginning of Beach Road on the Naklua side.

The fountain is in front of the Thai Airways office.

deck chairs on Pattaya Beach road

A typical Deck chair and sun umbrella business along Beach Road.

Coconuts, bottled water, beer, soft drinks are kept cool in the coolers.

pattaya beach road

Thai Massage parlor alongside beach Road.

You can also enjoy a massage on the beach.

Pattaya Soi 6

View of entrance of soi 6 from beach road.

Soi 6 is famous for it's gogo bars and adult entertainment.

Beach road small temple

A small temple on beach road past Soi 6. 

It's always nice to walk by those.  You can stop for a moment and appreciate that you're in Thailand now.

view of Soi 13/4

View of Soi 13/4.

Here are a lot of adult entertainment as well if ever you're in the mood.  It's just as wild during the day as it is during the Pattaya nightlife.

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