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Dongtan Beach is between Jomtien Beach and Pattaya Beach. You can't miss it.

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When you drive from Pattaya to Jomtien and you are following Thappraya Road to the end.

Where the Jomtien Beach Road starts there is a Police Station and the sign to the beach.

Which is also referred to as the 'Gay Beach".

Compared to Naklua, Pattaya's Jomtien and Pattaya Beach this is a very nice and quiet place.

That's where this beach starts.

It is noticably cleaner than most coasts in Pattaya.

This stretch of seashore reaches up to where the Pattaya Water Park is.

This beach even has a public toilet and showers!

dongtan beach near pattaya

The road about 50 meters from the beach is open for pedestrians and bicycles only, which means no motor vehicle noise.

On Dongtan Beach you will also find the Rabbit Resort. A fine Hotel!

Enjoy the images.

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police office dongtan beach pattaya

This is the police station right at the corner of Jomtien beach Road.

This also where you drive in to park your vehicle if you have one.

dongtan beach road

This is a view of the Dongtan Beach Road Beach which is off limits for motor vehicles.

Only pedestrians and bicycles allowed

massage in dongtan beach

On most beaches in Pattaya there are ladies who offer massages.

Not so on this strip. Guys massage guys here.


dongtan beach walkways

This is a view of the walkways between the pedestrian road and the beach. Very nice and clean. It is nicely kept clean.

2 restaurants at Dongtan beach

There are some excellent restaurants along the road.

Very nicely decorated and great food.

water tower at dongtan beach

The seashore goes up to the public toilet.

View of Pattaya water tower.

Further on there are very nice coastlines as well.

jetskis at dongtan beach

Jet skis and speed boats can be rented and hired along this beach as well.

Be sure to check that there is no rust or holes on your jet ski or you can get scammed into paying for damages.

dongtan beach windsurfing

Just as Jomtien's seashore is famous for its winds and windsurfing.

Everything can be rented here (be sure to bargain!)  

bar in Dongtan beach

This is an unusal view for Pattaya.

Usually alcoholic beverages like beer and whiskey and other spirits are hidden from the public or police view.

Not Here.

walkway in dongtan beach

Another shot of the walkways of the beach.

I like how clean they keep the sand and everything else here.

business in Dongtan beach

There are some very nice little businesses where you can sit and enjoy a drink.

dongtan beach jomtien

This is a view of Jomtien from this Beach.

You can see the condominium building of Jomtien in the back.

5 watersports in Dongtan Beach

Whether you are into Jet skis, boats, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing or any water sport you like.

You can get here.

dongtan beach Jomtien

Another view of Jomtien. There is a lot of single men and groups of Thai men hanging out here.

Is he really fishing?

massage in Dongtan beach

Massages at Dongtan by men for men.

There is not only white men who come here for massages though.

Jomtien Dongtan beach

View of Jomtien again from the beach of Dongtan.

There is a lot of Volley playing going on here at times.

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