Naklua Beach Pattaya
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The images on this page of Naklua beach Pattaya have been taken in September.

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The images were taken starting from Soi 20.

When you walk down Soi 20 from Naklua Road you come to several sets of stairs leading down to the Beach.

This Bay is to the west of Pattaya and has small little bays which are very nice and not very busy.

Not as busy as Pattaya and Jomtien.

This Beach is a lot quieter and more family friendly than Pattaya Beach or even Jomtien Beach.

There is no Promenade here. No vehicles which in turn means no traffic.

There is also a lot less water sport activity since you can't access the coast with a vehicle to transport the equipment down to the shore.

The beach has little deck chair businesses where you can buy refreshments and most of them are in shade.

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Naklua Beach in Pattaya

When you walk down Soi 20 you can walk down steps to the Beach.

This picture was taken from the viewpoint there.

Naklua Beach view

When you walk down the steps further there is a second viewpoint.

This image was taken from there.

Naklua Beach view from Pattaya's water tower

Looking at Pattaya from the same viewpoint at the shore.

Full view of Pattaya with the Pattaya Water tower in the back.

Naklua beach from the East

When you go down to the shore this is the view east of the beginning of one side.

Care for the rocks and pebbles that will find their way to your feet.

Naklua beach not busy

Walking further east you start seeing the condominium buildings on this Beach.

It's not very busy here.

Naklua beach further along

Further down east.

There are several little bays with places where you can buy refreshments.

Naklua beach deckchair

A Deckchair business in the shade.

This beach has nice little bays.

naklua beach condominium

Full view of the bay and here again the condominium high rise buildings.

view of a bay

Here another view looking back west at a cute little bay.

A lot calmer here than Pattaya Beach or even Jomtien Beach.

Here another view of the Bay and the Beach.  Boats in the foreground.

There are several condominium construction sites at the present time.

nice beach

Even though there are the skyscrapers, the Beach is still very nice.

Another view of Naklua Beach

Looking back west at a little bay again.

One of the fun things of Naklua Beach Pattaya is how you can spot new things along your walk.

Massages at Naklua Beach

Massages are available on here as well of course.

In the shade you can enjoy a 20 minute or more massage

Empty beach at noon

This is around noon in September and there is no one on this side of the Beach.

Just a boat hanging out close to the shoreline.

Soi 18 to Naklua Beach

If you walk down Soi 18 to the beach this is where you will come out.

Feel free to take a picture of some of the charms of Thailand.

Nice view of Naklua beach

Pretty nice shoreline.

You would think that it would be packed with all the high rise buildings around.

Naklua Beach

Same place when you walk down Soi 18 to the Beach. Full view of this Bay.

Bungalows close to Naklua Beach

There are nice little bungalows on Soi 18 close to the shoreline.

Paradise Spa Resort 2 minutes from Naklua Beach

The Paradise Spa Resort - Not very expensive at 900 Baht a night.

It's 2 minutes from the the shore and a nice place to stay if you want.

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